Local Popular Foods Often Wrong Mention Them

Because using a different language pronunciation

Pho noodles - Image Credit Asti Soekirno

Popular local dishes in the world are often the object of culinary enthusiasts, they will come to a place, or the country of destination solely meets the curiosity about the food. But you often find friends of tourists who are walking in a tourist spot, to be wrong in conveying the intention about the food.

This is simply, quoting the article on the site detikcom, today, because it uses a different foreign language pronunciation, this popular food is often mis-pronunciation.

Maybe you can ask the locals, say foods like pho, dulce de leche to foie gras are a bit hard to pronounce, quoting the Mashed site, showing the correct way of mentioning it.


Pho can be pronounced with the sound of Fuh, not with the letter 'o', is a dish of Vietnamese noodles that have a tasty and warm flavors.

Presentation by adding spice to taste, so as not to reduce the original taste of the broth. It served with stuffed noodles made of rice flour and pieces of meat with a blend of strong spices. Generally people will mix it with coriander leaves, spring onions, fresh chili slices, bean sprouts and lime slices.


The beverage made with a special machine, coffee beans extracted with the help of high pressure. You will enjoy the taste of creme with a bit of foam that actually contains less caffeine.

The correct mention is simply calling Ess-press-o only, although some call Ess-press-o with an 'x' accent.

Foie Gras

Typical food in French restaurants in the form of goose or duck liver. In the process of breeding, goose liver is enlarged up to ten times with the help of fatty foods. Often processed into pate, mousse or terrine.

You can mention correctly by calling Fwa Gra.

Dulce de leche

The way of pronunciation is Dul-say de leh-chay. It's the Spanish pronunciation of "dulce", in the soft voice of 's', not the 'ch' sound.

A sweet dish with a rather sticky texture made with a mixture of sugar and milk. This typical Argentine milk caramel can be smeared with bread and served for breakfast of locals.


Toast mixed with garlic chop and olive oil baked to a slightly crisp. The way of presentation is plain, can be added with a variety of toppings, such as pieces of tomatoes, basil and mushroom stir.

You can put it right, Brew-sket-ta.

That's what often happens, lots of local food on a culinary-oriented journey. This can be a challenge in itself.

Source: Lusiana Mustinda - detikFood, detikCom, Mashed
Image: Asti Soekirno


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