Terrorism-Prone Country That Makes You Worry During Holiday

A summary of 45 countries that have been the main target of terror in recent years

Paris - Image Credit A Soekirno

Terror attacks in some countries of late seen often fill the world's news, so as to attract the attention of many people to be wary, especially for tourists who will vacation to a country that needs the latest information.

The series of terror that on one hand is able to give a sense of worry for anyone, quoting the sites CNN Indonesia, today, because it gives effect to the perception of security and comfort of vacation in the country.

Several countries have been the subject of major terror in recent years, citing an article on The Telegraph, and the list below ranks among the countries targeted by terror.

1. Germany

The country received six acts of terror in Berlin, Ansbach, Munich, Würzburg, Grafing, and Hannover in 2016.

You can see from the news on television, the terror that was crashed into the Christmas market in Berlin on December 19, 2016, a suicide bombing in Ansbach on July 24, 2016 that killed 15 people, and four shootings and stabbings of residents in four other cities.

The previous year's one-time act of terror in Berlin, September 17, 2015, Iraqi man named Rafik Yousef was shot dead for attacking a policewoman with a knife.

2. France

This country includes a European country that becomes unsafe for a vacation. You can see in the last two years the targets of two large-scale terror acts.

For example in November 2015, the Paris terror act killed 130 people, before July 2014, at least 84 people died as a result of a terrorist act crashing tru into a crowd in Nice.

3. Turkey

This country became the target of terrorist groups in the last two years, for example last year, acts of terror occurred at Ataturk Airport, the capital of Ankara, and the city of Gaziantep.

4. Other countries

It is sad to see how other countries in the past two years have routinely acted on terror.

These countries include Belgium, Egypt, Tunisia, Indonesia, Russia, Myanmar, Kenya, Philippines, Colombia, Thailand and Australia.

Reviews from Oliver Smith, Digital Travel Editor for The Telegraph, Monday, May 29th, convey about four security categories from each Embassy Office of each country before publishing travel advice for its citizens, namely high, general, underlying, and low.

"Countries with high levels of attack seem to still be the main target of terrorists."

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, The Telegraph
Image: A Soekirno


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