Choosing the Healthiest Foods in Restaurant

Good advice from a nutritionist from Harvard

Ristorante in Rome, Italy - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Healthy food for a healthier life is possible in the circumstances you are considering ideal body weight, although there may be many temptations of delicious food. Even when you have the desire to live healthy by eating out or exactly in the restaurant.

But it is important to consider the advice of nutritionists, citing the CNN Indonesia site, May 2, Dr. David S Ludwig, professor of nutrition at Harvard Public Health School and director of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center, that you can eat well without disturbing your health.

In terms of healthy living that he recommends, quotes from The Guardian, with excerpts from the book "Always Hungry?" Ludwig reveals the healthiest foods that can be ordered in various types of restaurants, ranging from Thai to Italian or Japanese cuisine.

Mexican restaurant

- Fajitas made with cabbage leaves instead of tortillas.

- Burrito contents: All elements such as beans, chicken, vegetables and sour cream and guacamole, without tortillas wrapped. If eaten with rice, order the red rice.

- Chili or black bean soup: Complete with sour sauce or cheese for extra flavor if likes.

- Guacamole with raw vegetables: Radish, cucumber, or other crunchy vegetables.

Asian restaurant

- Curry with tofu, beef, chicken, fish, no rice. Or you can order for the red rice.

- Vegetable osengan or stir-fry.

- Lettuce.

- If eating in a Japanese restaurant, avoid sushi made from sweetened white rice and better order the sashimi.

Mediterranean, Greek or Italian Restaurant

- Fresh fish, chicken or meat.

- Vegetables cooked or soaked in olive oil.

- Lettuce nuts.

- Olives and feta cheese.

- Greek lettuce.

- Tabbouleh: Made with wheat bulgur.

- Tomato and capri mozzarella lettuce.

- Fruits with unsweetened Greek yogurt, add honey if you like.

Lettuce Bar

- Protein sources such as chicken, tuna, tofu, sardines or boiled eggs.

- Smoked salmon or cabbage with cream cheese, tomatoes and onions.

- Vegetables without flour and avocado.

- Olive

- Soup without potatoes.

- Lettuce.

- Nuts.

Then Ludwig also added. "The key is not to worry too much about calories, but try to avoid carbohydrates and hidden sugar sources like lettuce."

Source: Rinaldy Sofwan - CNN Indonesia, The Guardian
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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