Making Food On The Plane Delicious

A simple way to make food on the plane feels better

Food on the plane - Image Credit SIA

Good food will be sought by many people in the world, especially fans of tourist travel who love local food from a tourist destination. But to reach the location of the tourist destination, you always will generally use the plane.

It is inevitable that you will and may get a meal in the plane, as it may not be as good as food in a restaurant.

There are people who do not like food on the plane, such as a quote from the detikCom, May 1, say among other well-known culinary hunters and the chéf who love local food in his journey, Anthony Bourdain or maybe a celebrity chéf, Gordon Ramsay.

They certainly have their own reasons, quoting an article on the site nzherald on April 20, but for most passengers, eating on board is the best way to kill boredom on their long journey.

Perhaps a few tips need to be done to overcome this.

1. Avoid using plastic tableware

The food on the plane feels like plastic, because once the food is cooked, the food is then frozen in a low temperature and fed into the airplane cabin.

When served, it warmed in high temperature microwave will bring the aroma and taste of plastic is in the food. You can ask for spoons and forks that are not made of plastic, though it may cost extra in the economy class.

2. Avoid pasta

We recommend the food with gravy and avoid the pasta. You can ask for the food served in hot, as the best choice in flight.

Raymon Oliver in 1973, a French chéf, said that food with soup is much better than dry food.

"Servings of beef bourguignon, coq au vin and veal in cream sauce with gravy are favored by passengers."

Pasta will further destroy its texture when reheat, so it is not good when eaten.

3. Bring your own salt and pepper

This is because the low temperatures inside the cabin make the taste buds more dulled, you will feel the food and drink become more tasteless.

Prof Barry Smith, from the center of sensory studies at the University of London recommends adding sugar, salt, and pepper from your pocket, if it feels less savory.

4. Clean the folding table

Folding tables should be clean before putting food, because the desk of the passenger plane is the most rarely cleaned.

Allison, a flight attendant, always tells passengers not to put food on a table without a tray or container of any kind.

5. Avoid talking while eating

Noise around the cabin can make the mood less good, and affect the brain's work system that overcomes our sensory feelings toward the true flavor or drink.

We recommend eating without speaking or making a sound.

The trip should get all the things that support the trip itself, including when you enjoy the journey on the plane.

Source: Sonia Permata - detikFood, nzherald
Image: Singapore Airlines


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