Restaurants with Airplane Food

A decent eating place to try, "This is How We Fly" recently opened at the London Gallery Unit

Inside the cabin - Image Credit Air New Zealand

Airplane food has always been an interesting talk of the world's tourists, especially those traveling from one location to another by means of an aircraft. Some love it, and some tend to be less fond of it.

You may have read in one of the articles on this blog site, for example Gordon Ramsay who tended to refuse airplane food, solely his experience that had been a chef in several airlines before.

A more or less similar thing happened to one of the world's famous culinary hunters, Anthony Bourdain, often traveling to different parts of the world, and having a special fondness for food at several airports in the world.

This time you can try the food on the plane, but be in a restaurant in London, as quoted from the site KompasTravel, April 28, named "This is How We Fly" opened at London Gallery Unit. More precisely these foods are food served entirely from Air New Zealand.

As reported by the Travel and Leisure, this restaurant is not permanent, but customers can try the menu offered by Chéf Peter Gordon who is a New Zealander.

Well, you know if because of something in the cabin of the plane, often the taste of food in the plane is bland, but it does not happen on the surface of the ground, when you set foot on earth, especially in the restaurant, you will be satisfied with a deluxe dish served in this restaurant.

Let's look at some of the menu items in this restaurant, such as Lamb with Mint Peas, Braised Lettuce with Bacon Lardons and Salt Roasted Crushed New Potatoes with Mint Jelly.

You can order other menus, such as Yoghurt Marinated Chicken Tikka with Saffron Pilaf Jewelled Rice and Aloo Ghobi with Spicy Raita Dressing.

Even for those vegetarians, there are two menu dishes, such as Soy Marinated Tofu Brown Rice Seaweed with Sesame Miso Dressing, and Chunky Vegetable and Tofu Coconut Curry with Spinach and Coriander Green Rice.

They are beautifully presented with the offerings to their guests, a gastronomic-style experience, just check-in and on board, you will be served a culinary experience from Air New Zealand without the need to air.

Say you want dessert, Apple menu is available Rhubard Taart with Rosemary Cream, or Treacle Taart with Clotted Cream.

This is really tempting to the taste of the people of London, according to their expectations based on a survey of Air New Zealand against 1,000 British residents.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Travel and Leisure, Air NZ
Image: Air New Zealand


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