No More Marijuana at Walt Disney World

One of the new revisions in the largest playground in America

Classical Music in downtown Disney, Florida - Image Credit L Priyanti

The new rules at Walt Disney did not initially draw much to the public, but later on they learned more details, then made many netizens react in social media.

Maybe you yourself do not really care, quoting the article on the site CNN Indonesia, today, as long as you can enjoy the atmosphere and all the facilities offered by the Disney. That's roughly in the minds of many people, but something attracts attention.

As then reviewed by the Travelers Today site on Thursday, May 4th, you soon find out if the revised rule is about marijuana.

In the new rules are clearly mentioned, if marijuana is included in the list of goods prohibited to be brought by visitors to the playground, mentioned in detail the category is in the form of powder, cannabis-shaped also not allowed to carry.

It certainly has a wide impact for visitors with specific interests like this, because the rules cover a large area. On the playground, even set for the visitors of the Walt Disney World resort.

Interesting response from netizens, they consider it ironic, because one of Walt Disney World is in Florida, the region in the United States, which in fact legalize the use of marijuana.

Moreover, for the people of Florida, marijuana is not just for leisure, also often used by the people of Florida as an herbal medicine.

Perhaps the explanation of a Disney spokesman, as quoted by Travel Pulse can be understood.

"Although some areas legalize marijuana for treatment or entertainment, but the use of marijuana remains illegal under federal law."

They revised the rules by stating that any use of marijuana is prohibited in Disney properties.

Another response from a lawyer, Matt Morgan, argues that should the entire business place be able to adapt to legal marijuana law.

"Then, what distinguishes the visitors carrying marijuana with who brought the pill? Will they be treated differently? It depends on Disney's decision."

Disney does have specific rules, taking drugs and alcohol is prohibited in the Disney playground, just like carrying a sharp weapon.

But, the concern of some visitors is if they use marijuana solely as a health advocate. I think it's a different matter.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travelers Today
Image: L Priyanti - Florida, USA


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