Café in California Creating Mermaid Trends in the Summer

Culinary trends are dominated by green and turquoise, edible pearls, and glitter

The Mermaid style culinary - Image Credit Cafe Crème & Sugar IG@cremeandsugaroc

Culinary favorites in California area are pioneering new foods that are the concern of today's food enthusiasts, having previously been dominated by other trends, such as the unicorn-style trend.

You may have heard it, according to an article on the CNN Indonesia website, Tuesday, May 23rd, the culinary trend of unicorns, as you know the unicorn is a unique horned horse, and it's time to retreat for a moment with a new trend.

Mermaid trends are present for the summer, a cafe that has creative chefs in the culinary world, a cafe called Cafe Crème & Sugar.

They culinary creators cultivate in such a way, began to create a variety of mermaid-style menus dominated by green and turquoise, edible pearls, and glitter.

Mermaid is a sea creature, so the story of the legend of the past, the colorful sea-like as seen on Ariel the Little Mermaid was displayed in the food.

A soft pastel green blend, a light brown color that symbolizes the sand, until a soft red color becomes a contrasting color that can beat the unicorn color.

You need to know more Joanna Czikalla, the owner of the cafe, she keeps thinking about creating the latest trends, this time mermaid trend, there are various 'water' style menus, like mermaid shaved ice, mermaid water (blue Hawaiian lemonade) which has a taste like blue raspberry coconut lime with sea salt cream.

If you have time this weekend, and visit on a great trip, look at the list of interesting menu, unique café with the presence of culinary type, such as floats, shakes, and ombre cakes.

Like the reviews in the article, this mermaid-style food was created, because she always wanted to be a mermaid. Her desire to create a menu of mermaid style and other sea creatures since last December.

But. She is still waiting for the moment until the unicorn trend ends, she told to Cosmo, and was later quoted from the sites Metro.

"I think I can not 'pull out' the mermaid until the mermaid season arrives (summer)."

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Cosmo, Metro
Image: Cafe Crème & Sugar


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