Now You Can Eat ‘Linkin Park’ Barbeque

A Los Angeles-based restaurant named "Plan Check"

Bennington and Shinoda in Montreal, August 23, 2014 - Image Credit Kristina Servant

Enjoying a delicious barbecue taste is not too difficult if you already have a favorite eating place in your city, especially on weekends like this. But, you should reserve a seat first, in order to enjoy it with friends and family.

This time it was different, quoting the news on the CNN Indonesia, May 3, a band, Linkin Park turned into the name of the food menu, of course as another form of greeting the fans.

You may have heard their rumbling and bustling songs with their rap squeals, Numb, Somewhere I Belong, and What I've Done that can make you stunned.

I'll face myself to cross out what I've become
Erase myself
And let go of what I've done ...

This is a different way, as posted on the site Food Beast, a restaurant that works with Chester Bennington and the rest of the band creates a limited menu package priced at US$ 39, and you will receive a menu pack inspired by the band's career, as well as a favorites menu from their band personnel.

They provide a menu pack during May at all “Plan Check” restaurants in Southern California.

Terry Heller, as quoted from Food Beast, May 3, the owner looked happy.

"We create this menu based on the cultural diversity of band personnel and the food they love."

You should be there, and then see how the menu list is presented to the guests, Ahi Tuna Tostada, "The Heavy" or cheese toast, Kimchi Dusted Fries, OML Cruller, and Mandarin & Black Cherry Cream Sodas.

Let's get to know the menu presented, such as Ahi Tuna Tostada is a typical Mexican food of open bread made from crispy tortillas, with Ahi tuna stuffing, jalapeno with ponzu sauce or Japanese sauce that tastes sour, thinly sliced turnips and avocado.

Barbecue, illustration - Image Credit Marco Verch

They took another menu according to Linkin Park's first single, The Heavy, a menu of Korean barbeque grilled cheese mixed with Japanese dashi fryers, bread with parmesan cheese and gochujang belly pork.

Meanwhile there is OML Cruller or One More Light Cruller in their new album, and become an interesting dish of caramel pineapple, yuzu, grated coconut, and the discs bonus with Linkin Park logo.

Mike Shinoda, one of the band's personal smiles after enjoying "The Heavy."

"I think this is a beautiful gift, I like eating a nice piece of fat."

A dish that can tease their fans, they will get a limited edition Linkin Park T-shirt when supplies are still there.

Source: E Dwi Ratnasari - CNN Indonesia, Food Beast
Image: Wikipedia


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