Disneyland, the Most Popular in Instagram 2017

Disneyland California shifting the Eiffel Tower in Paris as the most linked tourist site

Friend of Mickey Mouse, Disney World - Image Credit Emmanuella Widi

Most popular tourist sites in the world, especially those that become the center of attention in social media has its own characteristics, given the internet community, netizens are diverse, but also there are certain similarities.

This time as usual Instagram media sites get attention from users on the site, given the photo and media stream feature provided as the main requirement of the users.

Not too surprising to see Disneyland California ranks the most popular, citing the site CNN Indonesia, May 16, even able to shift the popularity of the Eiffel tower as the location of the most widely linked tourism in social media Instagram this year.

Of course, a careful observation of the Travel Bird aggregators, as reviewed on the Travel and Leisure website, records at least 14.6 million hashtags from Disneyland California that netizens have posted in their vacation photos.

Disneyland's popularity managed by The Disney Company, established since 1955, continues to climb and tempt for many travelers from all over the world to meet interesting and funny cartoon characters.

They, the visitors from around the world can interact with all of Walt Disney's fictional animated characters.

Many memories can be given to visitors, all ages and families participating. The visit to the Disney Park is a journey from childhood to growing up, as if the cartoon characters were living with them in the daily life of the visitors.

Something special and an imprint on the subconscious of the visitors of the theme park, and hard to find on the way to other places.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris this time had to retreat to second place, because after comfortably tops the list of most popular on Instagram, now only distributed through 7.2 million hashtags only.

The next position is still owned by Disney park group elsewhere, namely Walt Disney World in Florida, established since 1971 received attention with the number of tags distributed as many as 5.4 million hashtags.

As for the fourth place that became a favorite tourist location is South Beach in Miami, Florida and the Berlin Wall in Germany is in the next popularity order for the netizens in Instagram.

Have a good vacation!

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Emmanuella Widi


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