Hotel Sued, Pregnant After Stay

A woman filed a lawsuit against a hotel in Germany

Halle market square with Market Church - Image Credit Fenchelkiwi1

Staying at the hotel certainly requires some things to go according to plan, it is often the weary travelers of a journey in the city, straight to the inn and without a lot of checking the circumstances around and other necessary things.

Let's say you're at an inn, citing an article on the site CNN Indonesia, May 3, will certainly consider the location, neighborhood, cleanliness, hotel rates, amenities and other things that can make you feel comfortable and safe.

Well, a seemingly confusing occurrence happens to a tourist in Germany, may feel to have fit someone, though not yet known clearly, then without hesitation to invite her to spend the night in the hotel room.

As written on the site The Telegraph on Wednesday, May 3, a woman filed a lawsuit against a hotel in Germany for not informing the identity of the alleged father of the child she had just born.

Something troublesome, a baby is in the womb from the man who took her to stay in a hotel located in the area of ​​Halle, a beautiful city in the southern part of Germany, in 2010.

Less alert for one thing or another, feeling easily fascinated, or maybe the appearance of a convincing man, a man named Michael.

They as a couple who looked happy, and cared for each other, then stayed for three days, the woman admitted pregnant.

Then it was too late, she could not find Michael.

Her first step was to ask the hotel to give Michael's identity, in order to be held accountable. But, you know how the reaction from the hotel?

The hotel refuses to provide guest's personal data for privacy reasons.

Of course then the case went to court, but the woman lost the trial. For some reason, a male judge who does not understand women and has a big ego, argues that the woman has no right and strong reason to know the personal data of hotel guests.

Thus the people in power everywhere, just the same.

While the information from the hotel, although this is just a reason made in such a way, that night there are four male guests named Michael, so it all gets very confusing.

I think this should be continued and fight for justice in its place. Although not yet known further, she flew to find information to various parties, what steps will be taken by the woman to find the father of her incoming son/daughter.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, The Telegraph
Image: Fenchelkiwi1 via Wikipedia


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