JetBlue Expelled One Family Due to Birthday Cake

JetBlue flight attendant suspects a birthday cake box

JetBlue Airbus A321 N937JB at JFK Airport - Image credit Adam Moreira

Birthday cakes apparently can bring the suspicion of a flight attendant who is on duty inside the aircraft cabin, although the ground officer has allowed the cake to be brought into the cabin by a family who will leave for a holiday from New York to Las Vegas.

The incident that brought furor, not just in the airplane cabin, but became viral in social media and sympathy from thousands of netizens.

The Burke family from New Jersey admitted to being expelled from the cabin by JetBlue crew on May 3, 2017.

You can imagine the aggravation experienced by the family, quoting the site CNN Indonesia, today, the father, Cameron Burke deliberately brings birthday cake as a surprise to his wife Minta Burke who is on her 40th birthday.

According to Minta, the wife, at first there was no ban from John F. Kennedy Airport officers and ground officers from JetBlue, when her husband was carrying a box containing birthday cakes into the plane.

Minta said on the ABC7 website on Tuesday, May 16th.

"We're in a happy mood for being impatiently on vacation in Las Vegas."

Video footage showing grief, seen Cameron Jr., his 7-year-old son cried for seeing the cake fall to the floor of the plane cabin.

Cameron tells the sequence of events, JetBlue flight attendants suspect the birthday cake box he brought as a dangerous thing. He was surprised to see the stewardess, whereas the cake box had been in the storage compartment of goods on the head of the passenger.

"I have explained that there is nothing to worry about, but the stewardess says it has nothing to do with her, and then I reprimand her for judging it to be abnormal."

The situation got worse in the cabin, when he had to deal with airport security officers who called the crew into a cabin that asked him and his entire family to come down.

Moreover, the sound of the pilot filled the entire cabin, that security officers are asked to board the plane because there are passengers who refuse to get rid of the suspicious box that the Burke family brought.

Cameron Burke really disappointed!

"But the other passengers even defended my family because they knew the situation was very strange."

He denied when the pilot announced that he had rebuked the cabin crew.

There may be a bit of entertainment that relieves him and his family, because officers from JetBlue quickly refund the tickets they spend to fly to Las Vegas.

Minta gives a comment. "But we were already shocked by the incident, I was so impressed with JetBlue's service before the mad incident."

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, ABC7
Image: Adam Moreira via Wikipedia


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