Healthy Bread According to Cardiologist

Breakfast menu choice as it is practical and most to serve

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The types of breads that are considered healthy depend on the decisive circumstances, say the bread that just came out of the oven, or bread that is considered not yet stale and so on. But something definite, when you're on a long journey, say on a travel trip, then bread is the best friend to have breakfast at a place far away.

People will indeed choose different types of snacks for breakfast, such as cereal, oatmeal or bread. Although they can admit if the bread so breakfast menu choice because it is practical and quickly served, it can be eaten just like that or with a spread of pineapple jam.

Steven Gundry, a cardiologist, quoted an article on the site CNN Indonesia, May 16, saying not every bread consumed every day is good for the body. He explains clearly that only one type of bread is good for the body of bread that contains no lectins.

An interesting explanation in his book, The Plant Paradox, citing the site The Independent, he advises to keep away from lectins.

Lectins are toxic, plant-based proteins found in wheat and also many other products that are considered gluten-free, lectins can also be found in fruits and vegetables.

"Once the lectins are digested, they give rise to a kind of chemical warfare in our body, which can lead to an inflammatory reaction that leads to weight gain and other health conditions."

Gundry suggests paying attention to the various loaves of bread, lectin-free bread is a bread that does not contain wheat at all.

One of the recommended types of bread is bread containing almonds, grains, and coconut flowers.

When people eat gluten-free foods, they claim that gluten is one type of lectin and should be avoided.

A congressional note from a recent study of European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition on 1300 products revealed that gluten-free products can lead to obesity. Gluten-free products tend to contain fatty acids and lipid fats that do generate more energy.

This article adds that those who do a gluten diet whereas having a healthy body have a bad effect than good for their health.

A long trip often makes tourists more likely to be practical in choosing breakfast foods. Regardless of what is suggested, bread is still a favorite of most people.

Source: E Dwi Ratnasari - CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: Kaya Toast


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