Manchester Solidarity Shown Through Union Jack Style

After the heartbreaking events of Manchester Bomb Tragedy on Monday night, 22 May

Manchester Arena concert – Image Credit Rob Sinclair

The death toll from the Manchester bomb has made the world feel sad, the Manchester terror attack, its impact extends to various places in the world, the death toll reaches 22 people including children and 59 wounded.

The musical performance of an American singer artist, quoting an article on sites CNN Indonesia, May 25, Ariana Grande in a concert titled "Dangerous Woman Tour" became a sad night, when a bomb explosion rocked the Manchester Arena stadium.

Various expressions of grief and sorrow from around the world, especially the parents whose sons and daughters were present as spectators on that fateful night.

The world's major media helped make the drama happen, and as reviewed on the Manchester Evening News website, depicting the situation in various cities of the world over the events in Manchester on Monday, 22 May.

The symbolic action as a sign of opposition to acts of terror in Manchester was shown by the governments of Belfast, Hong Kong, Paris, Nice, Berlin, Brussels and Stockholm one day after the incident that killed 22 people took place outside the Ariana Grande music concert venue.

This is visible through the spotlights, and the Union Jack-patterned laser beams as a sign of solidarity, monuments and tall buildings around the world are decorated by typical flag patterns from Queen Elizabeth's home country.

As an expression of solidarity and grief, you can see in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland, the city government installing the dominant red and blue lights on the British flag in Belfast City Hall.

Now you can fly to Hongkong, HSBC management in Hong Kong prefer to use a laser beam to highlight its headquarters building.

For tourists who are currently visiting Hong Kong can see 'We stand with the United Kingdom' as an expression of condolence to the families of victims of the tragedy from HSBC.

The Germans were immediately grieved, they could see something different than in Manchester, as in Berlin, especially in the area around the Brandenburg gate that explicitly watched the spotlights turning the colors of ivory white into the Union Jack flag.

It takes time to recover the sadness, and the expression of solidarity can help heal it.

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, Manchester Evening News
Image: Rob Sinclair via Wikipedia


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