Avoid Excessive Alcohol Drinking in Mexico

Tourists are encouraged to avoid alcohol, because of the impact of criminal acts that follow

Margaritas come in a variety of flavors and colors – Image Credit Rick A.

Enjoying alcohol during the holidays becomes one of the activities of the tourists that blend in all the activities of the tour, maybe for some people of course, in addition to diverse local food in all parts of the tour.

I think it's a natural thing to happen, like a review on the sites CNN Indonesia, today, a holiday is a way of letting go of all the tensions of normal life and daily routine at work.

Well, indeed many tourist destinations in various countries, but trips to Mexico became one of the favorites for some tourists from America, and the country became one of the countries referred to as the paradise of alcohol drinking in the world.

Alcoholic beverage fans in Mexico are familiar with Margarita beverage dishes that give a unique taste, even they can choose other alcohol creations that are also worth a try, such as Paloma, Pulque, Michelada, Tejuino and Spiked Horchata.

Recently, citing the site, the US State Department recently on Wednesday, July 26, as quoted by Travel and Leisure, urged residents to be careful while drinking alcohol there. Now you know when many tourists who become victims of crime due to alcohol drinks.

There is a case that became the latest example, US tourists who became victims of alcohol drinks in Mexico last occurred in last January. A 20-year-old tourist died from drowning in a Playa del Carmen resort pool after drinking a glass of alcohol beverages.

It seems like an ordinary occurrence, it turns out he died, because alcohol drinks are spiked with toxic substances by irresponsible person. As a note the drink found at the time of the incident is Margarita, known as Mexican alcoholic creations with its unique sensation that is popular in the world.

A similar case has happened before, offenders usually offer tourists with alcoholic drinks spiked with toxic substances, so they can commit crimes more freely.

Various possibilities can occur in the case of criminal acts to tourists like this, say some things can be theft to sexual violence.

The response from the US State Department immediately appealed in order for travelers to be more vigilant on their journey.

"We are sorry for the case. We take such cases seriously. We hope, tourists can be more introspective, by just buying alcohol beverages in a closed package or good quality that has been officially determined."

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Rick A. via Wikipedia


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