Name to Disguise from the Celebrities when Staying at Hotel

It is a fake name, so as not to be recognized by the public, especially their fans

Kim Kardashian, Parramatta Westfield Sydney - Image Credit Eva Rinaldi

The name of the alias or perhaps for the purposes of disguise, in order not to be recognized by many people or perhaps from parties that are considered to reduce their privacy. Disturbance, or say so came from fans or even from photo journalists who came to be known as paparazzi.

Well, now you know more, as written in an article on KompasTravel site, July 8th, if they have some way to avoid the fans' enthusiasm, especially when they will stay at the hotel.

You can imagine the hassles of them, when they want to take a leisurely holiday, they will find a way to avoid the paparazzi and fans who keep asking for photos together.

An article shows some names that are often used by celebrities, quoted from This is Insider, especially Hollywood celebrities have a pseudonym commonly used when staying at the hotel.


While staying at the hotel, she used a fairly common fake name in the western world: Ingrid Jackson.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian often uses her favorite character name to check in at the hotel, Princess Jasmine.

Ice Cube

Ice Cube actually uses its real name: O'Shea Jackson. He also often uses the name of his character in the movie "xXx" ie. Darius Stone.

Tom Hanks

There are two names of Tom Hanks namely Harry Lauder (a comedian) and Johnny Madrid (a trumpeter).

Taye Diggs

This man uses his real name Scott to avoid paparazzi during traveling.

Lindsay Lohan

She has an alter ego named Bella Lovelace. This is a tribute to Linda Lovelace, a 1970s actress who almost played her role by Lindsay.


The man with the real name Shawn Carter chose the name of another character (who has died) while staying at the hotel, namely Frank Sinatra.

Brad Pitt

While still a husband from Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt is often checked in by the name of Bryce Pilaf.

Angelina Jolie

And you also know, that Angelina Jolie often use an eccentric name when staying at the hotel, Miss Lollipop.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was still productive and traveling to various cities, he used the name of Dr. Doolittle upon check in at the hotel.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has many pseudonyms including Mr. Drip Noodle, Mr. Oddpong, and Mr. Stench.

Kirsten Stewart

This eccentric actress also has a unique pseudonym, Chuck Steak.

Jessica Alba

This beautiful actress uses a pseudonym Cash Money, which refers to her husband named Cash Warren.

Looking at the list of celebrity names above, is it possible one day you want to do the same thing? Regardless for different purposes or interests, of course.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, This is Insider
Image: Eva Rinaldi via Wikipedia


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