Wine Stored Under the Sea

Usually the wine is stored in the warehouse and for the sake of maintaining the taste quality

Bottle of wine, illustration - Image credit G Alexei

The wine creations have a special place in the hearts of culinary creators, and it is true that until now they have been free to create various mixtures to add to the sensation of special taste or perhaps to find a different flavor than has been known.

They did feel free to create something new, quoting the sites CNN Indonesia, July 5, who wrote that something had been inserted into coffee until red wine-scented deodorant.

Various process of creation of wine also penetrated the storage system, because they propose to keep it under the sea.

Well, this is then realized in the summer two years ago, this action has been tested by the French wine makers association Le Vins de Bandol.

The right step in handling it, as written on the Metro site, as many as 120 bottles of red, white, and rose wine are stored at a depth of 40 meters of the Mediterranean Sea in order to test whether it tastes better than that stored in the warehouse.

This seems to be serious, with strict custody, and those licensed as certified divers who can find it.

Not just an ordinary experiment considering its long history, when it reported the discovery of wine lost at sea during World War II. So the wine-making company designed an artificial warehouse that looked like a honeycomb under the sea and was given a net.

Certainly it requires the involvement of expert divers from the National School of Divers to conduct the process of cargo storage, while the wine experts set in such a way that later can compare the same wine with a regular storage warehouse.

You soon found out when they were in the autumn then doing an evaluation after a few bottles of wine were picked up, and proved to be delicious.

"It feels good in the mouth!" says wine master Gisele Marguin, and its gives the aroma of fruit and chocolate.

The depths of the Mediterranean Sea seem to have the effect of being able to extract certain flavors of some wine on the seabed.

Source: Rahman Indra - CNN Indonesia, Metro
Image: G Alexei


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