Shades of Tea That Shuns the Netizens

Color mix of tea and milk with a graded color palette

Shades of Tea - Image Credit Yorkshire Problems @twitter

The mixture of tea and milk will make you feel good when blended properly, especially at 'the right' time, so that makes your mind relieved and feel comfortable propagating throughout your body.

You can drink it in the morning, noon or afternoon or evening, as written on the sites CNN Indonesia, July 27, though it can not be ignored that everyone has different preferences for tea to drink.

Many ways to enjoy tea and certain tendencies, say from its leaf, mix, way of presentation to water temperature, all can give an unique taste of its own.

This time you'll see an interesting story, maybe a fuss among netizens, a Twitter account named @Yorkshireprobs uploading a gorgeous photo of a row of teas with a graded color palette.

Try to observe carefully, lined teacups with different color palettes are added initials A-D and 1-4. What can you conclude from the picture?

The photo invites the reader to comment on which color of tea is usually made.

All right, look at the initials A through D explaining the bitterness of the strongest to the weakest, while the numbers reflect the amount of milk mixed.

The account then attaches a 'quoute with your shade of tea' narration, but unexpectedly creates a viral netizen reaction and even some of the netizens say inappropriate sentences.

Twitter account @DadAndTwo mentions, "Anyone who chooses 3 or 4 will go to hell (or maybe south)." The @marketblondes account then reacts, "This should be placed in all offices. This is why making tea is far more appalling than buying coffee at Starbucks."

Greater crowds with responses from @TeaClub account say, "If you choose D4, please leave," while @ajcorrigan's account replied, "Where is the weak tea, no milk? I love Irn Bru's color."

There is still another response from the @dollyalderton account saying, "D2. Have to find a lover who knows what a strong tea and milk tea is. Pray for me."

You know that this has received an overwhelming response from most Englishmen who are actually true tea drinkers, then commented very vocally.

They are surprised to see the netizens' response, if the diversity that occurs with the habit of mixing tea with milk or cream.

But one thing is clear, that even some of them do not know there is a strong or weak tea, even if too many mixed milk if they can be called as the tea.

Let's have some tea, maybe this weekend can go well. Happy Weekend!

Source: F Thaeras - CNN Indonesia, Twitter
Image: Yorkshire Problems @twitter


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