First Bar For Drinking and Get Time To Sleep

A place in Madrid that provides a completely different service to the customer

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Sleep problems in the right way can be a serious problem for some people, because the cause can vary. But you have to admit that sleeping affairs is one of the most fun activities anyone wants wherever you are.

All will agree on this, like the review on the sites CNN Indonesia, July 27, yesterday. Somehow it became so interested to discuss about sleep. However, nobody argues when sleeping is a wonderfully enjoyable activity.

There are even people who feel the opportunity is so lacking, all because of the activity that piles up every day, so losing the best moment to sleep, maybe just get time for 30 minutes in the hope will feel calm afterwards.

On various occasions, while you're working, maybe on vacation after tired walking down the entire area that became a tourist destination.

This time it was a review on the Metro site, about a newly opened bar in Spain that facilitated someone to sleep. Although the bed bar is a new service that is not new at all in Europe and Asia.

Siesta & Go is located in Madrid, that is the name, and became the first in Spain, although it sounds strange but the bar provides facilities that resemble the hotel.

Managers have a great idea, say in a situation while enjoying a walk someone will be lazy to return to the hotel for a nap. You will find the bar in the middle of the city is considered to help some people who can not eliminate their drowsiness.

Of course you will be charged a certain rate, someone must spend about USD 12, and there are only 19 beds there for their guests. You can sleep for a while, even satisfied, but the bar waiter will wake up the sleeping visitor nearing the lease term.

Well, this time it is clear, the bar does provide bed service, but has other facilities such as a place to relax. You can order certain menus as well as other necessities, such as coffee, newspapers, slippers and even pijamas.

It's a wonderful vacation, if you want to rest for a moment, without the need to hurry back to the hotel, a nap is assessed can help ease someone's tension.

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia, Metro
Image: Café Commercial - Madrid


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