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Tips to fly for travelers with better and cheaper cost

Qatar Airways first class - Image Credit Gilbert Ott @IG

Flying in First Class is for some people considered a dream, or in other words is considered as costly. While for most travelers in the world, they are looking for flights at a cheaper cost in order to reach various tourist sites.

You may think of an unnecessary effort, if you want to travel on a tour, because the cost is one of the decisive factors in the journey.

But with a little effort it can become a reality, as it is reviewed on the sites CNN Indonesia, today, that it is possible to make a little effort, in order to get the price of a plane ticket with a significant cost difference.

A blog owner named Gilbert Ott has managed to find the best way, the blog God Save the Points outlines the best way that travelers can do.

Ott is a tough traveler, and travels everywhere, to places he likes, then he shares his tips for flying better and cheaper to the sites Daily Mail, about how it can be done.

He says the main key to realizing a dream flying with first class is to buy points, not by collecting them. As he does, buying a plane ticket with loyalty points is often cheaper than money.

This is done in two ways, namely by credit card transactions or flying with certain airlines.

You can try the third way, unknown to many people is by directly buying points from airlines that are doing promo points.

Like his interview at the sites Huffington Post, "Every few months, airlines sell their points in promotional activities. This means you can get 'air miles' without having to make a flight at all."

So the possibility to feel the fly and enjoy the chair until the facilities in the first class can be realized.

As an illustration, Hong Kong to Sydney with United Airlines offer 40 thousand points that can be purchased for $ 1,092, whereas if purchased in cash, the price could reach $ 6,108.

You can do this by buying as many points as possible from various airlines by searching on Google with the keyword, "buy XYZ airline miles", do when the airline does promotional activities.

Otherwise, the price will be the same.

Tourists do need to understand the usual pattern of the promo, like buying one free one, and one can get double miles of air from the same price.

You can also find promo announcements, even though airlines seem less incentive to announce promos, generally derived from travel blogs to automated messages (newsletters) that regular airlines send to travel sites.

Even you can find hotel points can be redeemed into flight points at certain times.

There is no other way, travelers should be agile and swift in welcoming the promo activities made by all airlines.

Happy Traveling!

Source: F Thaeras - CNN Indonesia, Daily Mail, Huffington Post
Image: Gilbert Ott


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