Travelers Feel Safer Holidays in Italy

As long as there is a threat of terror in some other European countries

The Gondola Driver, Venice - Image Credit P Djayasupena

The threat of terrorists in Europe has had a huge impact on life on the blue continent, say you can expect the affected is the world of tourism there. And this is the reason for choosing exactly the sights that are considered safe.

No need to doubt if all parties have a reason, such as a quote on a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, today, disturbances of terror in several European countries such as Britain and France lately, making tourists more careful in determining the destination vacation.

You really will not guess, it turns out the travelers feel safer to spend time off in Italy, quoting the Express website, Wednesday, July 5, the country is always sterile from the threat of terrorists.

Chairman of the Italian National Hospitality Association, Patrizia De Luise said that this year is expected hotel occupancy in the country can penetrate the number 400 million, which means higher than France.

Perhaps the level of hotel occupancy in Italy is predicted to be lost only to Spain which is still the main holiday destination of Britons, who last year broke through 454 million occupancy.

"Security is the most important issue for travelers who want to vacation in France, Turkey or Tunisia this year, while Italy is never threatened by terror."

You believe in this development, scientists do have some consideration in deciding on a tour, and then Patrizia De Luise adds why Italy is the top choice right now.

Italy became attractive to European tourists not because it is located around the Mediterranean Sea, but also various types of attractions that it has.

But. The attractiveness of Italy as an exotic tourist destination lately does not always get a positive response from local residents, because the fact that happens is when the Italian government is still dizzying with the rampant protests of its citizens.

As previously reviewed on this blog site, some time ago, when thousands of Venetians as native Venetian citizens, had taken action down the road, they lost a residence that changed the function of lodging to the hotel investors.

This is the impact that might occur in a tourist destination region, recent examples such as in Venice, the surge of tourists visiting, not always as expected, it makes locals like being strangers in their own land.

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, Express
Image: P Djayasupena


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