Holiday Concept with "Staycation"

The concept of a holiday in the city called a staycation

Activities at Central Park, New York - Image Credit Asti Soekirno

A vacation within the city might sound a bit 'slightly' different from the one commonly known before. It can be understood if people will assume that the holiday is a kind of trip, maybe by plane or whatever it is, to another place, or say other tourist destinations.

When the holiday season arrives, you and the closest people, family or friends, immediately weigh the destination, talk about the hotel, the location of the tour, and others. Something is sure everything will be fun.

This time something really new, quoting the sites KompasTravel, July 25, the holidays do not have to go out of town, or abroad, holidays can also be done within the city.

This holiday is known as staycation, abbreviated from the word 'stay' and 'vacation' that is the origin of the word staycation.

In fact there are also people who call the holistay abbreviated from the word 'holiday' and 'stay', and as is known this term first appeared in 2003 when the United States suffered a financial crisis.

It then described a press release from Zen Rooms on Tuesday, July 25, 2017.

"According to the Google Dictionary, a staycation is a holiday made in the home country of the tourist itself, not abroad, or a vacation made at home and involves traveling to local attractions surrounding the area of residence, or in other words, Be a tourist in town alone."

The further reviews on the site write, one of the advantages of staycation is the savings of budget travel, because it does not require a plane ticket or rental vehicle.

You can get more benefits, staycation is more time-saving compared to long-distance vacations that require the process of packing, the process to the airport, and weather changes or time zones that make the body tired easily.

You can take samples of some activities and attractions, such as cycling around the city, picnicking in parks, visiting museums, enjoying festivals and events, recreation in a playground, going to the beaches around the city, to staying in a hotel or villa.

Even the choice of activities at the hotel or villa can be a party at the pool, marathon movies, ordering food from the outside, playing board games (manual games), or a costume party.

Something you know for sure. Staycation can be an inspiration to anyone who wants to eliminate fatigue but only a short time or a thin budget.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Zen Rooms
Image: Asti Soekirno


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