Toddlers Must Have Their Own Seats on Aircraft

Referring to the provisions in the United States of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

United B777-222ER in SFO - Image Credit Bostonalejandro

United Airlines again made a fuss with the latest case that made the news in the world's major media, when a 27-month-old child was forced to sit on a mother’s lap during the plane. Though the mother has paid a seat for her son with full price, almost US$ 1,000.

You must ask why could this be so? Quoting news on the sites CNN Indonesia, today, it turns out that the seat for the child, which had been purchased previously, has been sold to other passengers.

True, this is a bad story experienced by a passenger of United Airlines from Houston to Boston that having previously flown for 19 hours from Hawaii, Shirley Yamauchi experienced an unpleasant situation with her son, Taizo.

Even worse, as reported by, after complaining to the cabin crew, she actually got a choice the return ticket at that time and the cancellation of a return ticket to Hawaii.

"I remember the incident with United Airlines some time ago, the occurrence of the dangers, the teeth being punched," referring to the case of passengers dragged from inside the cabin at the same airline befell a passenger named David Dao.

There was no choice for her, Yamauchi was forced to take Taizo for a three-hour flight from Houston to Boston, and had cramps of legs and arms, having to take her son by half her weight.

The absurdity of the airline is their policy of selling seats to someone else who later found paying only US$ 75.

You know this is obviously wrong! A proof when the airline has ignored the rights, as well as the safety factor not paid attention by the United Airlines.

Let's look at the reference to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which has given the rule of a toddler over two years old or with a weight of 22-44 pounds (equivalent to 11-22 kilograms) to be seated in their own seat, without being held by their parents during the plane.

Further, even the FAA recommends parents to request a Child Restraint System (CRS) to airlines, a toddler's special belt to protect children from shocks during flight.

All not without reason, Rainbow Babies and Children Hospital in Cleveland, United States mentioned that one of the factors causing the baby injury in flight is dropped from the lap of their parents. In addition to drinks and soup are too hot for the baby.

It is equivalent to this case as expressed by senior investigator Alexandre Rotta.

"This kind of event is quite rare in commercial airlines, but in some cases especially babies on laps, it usually occurs when the parents eat or during turbulence."

Things in many cases have always been the concern of many parties, and maybe also on other things in different countries.

Source: S Agmasari/SR Diah Setiawan - KompasTravel,, Foxnews
Image: Bostonalejandro via Wikipedia


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