Traveling After Divorcing Becomes New Trends

A new trend is increasingly in demand by many couples

Ubud, Bali is the places visited by the character in the novel "Eat, Pray, Love" - Image Credit D Asih Abadhy

Divorce after having an affair has been a major cause for many married couples, especially for couples experiencing the first marriage of the population in the United States nearly half of it leads to divorce. Indeed divorce is not something a couple wants, but it often happens just like that in a marriage.

You can see some surprising facts, as quoted from the sites CNN Indonesia, today, about the shocking facts of a report compiled by the United States National Health Agency in 2012.

The picture may be more closely scrutinized, because as mentioned earlier in the first paragraph many newly married couples tend to or almost half divorced.

You may be aware of it, disharmony or infidelity, divorce is not the end of the world. Try to see the broad picture, that there are many activities that can be done after no longer have a wife or husband, one of which is a tour.

Take for example the number of US citizens aged 40 to 50 years who travel after divorce is increasing, quoted from Travel Weekly, and now a trend observed by the employers booking accommodation.

Perhaps the description of Liz Gilbert in the novel, "Eat, Pray, Love", about the image of a US citizen who travels after their divorce who treats a holiday period as a time to restore emotion and energy.

Of course it gets the attention of tourism actors, such as Christina Pedroni, the owner of Liberty Travel travel agent, "They usually visit cities with lots of fun, like Las Vegas, New York City or New Orleans."

True, something like this happens, then she goes on.

Ubud, Bali - Image Credit D Asih Abadhy

"Not 'honeymoon', the activity is called 'start-a new-moon'. This trend is increasingly in demand."

The response of the hotel or resort that soon offer packages for guests who intend to do a 'start-a new-moon', such as Breathless Resorts and Spas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, which has a package of 'untying the knots'.

You know what they offer? One of the activities is to punch the pinata doll with the face of the former husband or ex-wife.

Other activities provided include spa relaxation activities and an all-night party, hoping guests can forget about their sadness.

Other articles that become reviews, quoted from the sites Travel and Leisure, if still not convinced will divorce, someone can invite his/her partner to stay at DivorceHotel, which provides offers mediation activities with a partner who will be guided by an experienced mediator.

Traveled after divorce is an activity that is not easy for a person, and travel related to it, after undergoing a long process of marriage. Even in a happy state with a partner, as well as bad times.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel Weekly, Travel and Leisure
Image: D Asih Abadhy


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