Joon, Airlines for the Millennial

A special airline for millennial generation as an innovation from Air France

Joon Uniforms - Image Credit @WeFlyJoon Twitter

Innovation in the aviation world can happen in many different forms and services, but this time you can see something that may be distinguished by serving a certain generation, and then known as the millennial generation.

They are young, productive and creative, aged 18 to 35, but now become a special attraction of many, say a different world that may not be directly related.

The current time became a differentiator, citing the site CNN Indonesia, today, life begins to shift and highlight millennials. As it is written that times are changing depending on technology, and you see its impact on the fashion life, or the everyday habits, even the airlines participate there.

They innovate, and so in the aviation world with its main target of the millennials, those who are youthful who are always updated with the latest trends of the digital world.

This time the French airline, Air France, entering the lifestyle of young people, millennials who spin on digital technology and includes new business opportunities in the sector.

A new airline will be present in the middle of the user community, citing the site The Telegraph, launched in September under the name Joon.

I thought they would be a very different airline, an innovation and an unusual thing in terms of experience for young passengers.

As stated by the airline, "The new brand is fully designed to meet their needs and aspirations."

You know they are completely different from the young people's nuances, such as stewardess and steward dresses in casual uniforms, blue polo shirts combined with black suits whose arms will be rolled up to the elbows.

Even you can see other things, the pants part, they wear long pants to the ankle and white sneakers or black pantofel.

Especially the uniform worn by stewardess, a blue dress with three white lines on the chest, also a blue shirt that can be combined with black trousers.

Now look at their shoes, white sneakers or black flat shoes, and according to the airlines, they are inspired by Silicon Valley workers who give high comfort and fast mobility.

Now you can try this service, even if your age has reached 40 years, of course they allow you to in flight with the first route after launching commencing from Paris and heading to cities around Europe.

Caroline Fontaine, VP Brand Air France says, "This generation inspires us a lot."

"Joon is a brand that carries positive opportunistic values, they, millennials, know how to enjoy every moment and look for the quality experience they want to share with others."

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia, The Telegraph
Image: Joon @WeFlyJoon Twitter


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