Healthy Coffee Ice Cream with Four Ingredients

Recipes of ice cream that become viral in social media, and able to evoke the mood

Ice Cream, illustration - Image Credit S Lee

Healthy ice cream for anyone is a dream for this culinary enthusiast, you know ice cream has a flavor that can be tailored to the situation you want.

There are some recipes that fans want to know about, such as a quote from the sites CNN Indonesia, Wednesday, July 12, which is said to be a certain limit for those diabetics or on a diet, and may need to think twice about enjoying the ice cream.

You know for those with certain diseases, because ice cream is usually made with milk and obviously contains a lot of sugar.

This time a new recipe claimed to be healthier by the manufacturer and people will not discourage to enjoy it.

Maybe you can find it on social media sites, as reported by Dailymail, and even become viral about this simple recipe shared by Becca Ludlum from Tucson, Arizona through My Crazy Good Life blog.

Being viral in social media it should not be surprised if this coffee ice cream recipe has been distributed as much as 61 thousand times, only four main ingredients without the need for an ice cream maker.

Materials needed for two portions

1. 3-4 pieces of bananas that have been frozen
2. 1/4 cup strong espresso coffee
3. Honey
4. 1/2 tablespoon of vanilla extract

Stages of making

1. Brewed coffee in a glass, then mix with honey so ice cream is not too bitter. Wait until the mixture cools.

2. Put frozen bananas, coffee and vanilla extract on a blender.

3. Blend until soft and then insert into the freezer for one hour.

Maybe you need to look directly at the blog site, Ludlum actually prefer to use coffee extract instead of vanilla extract, but vanilla extract is more easily found in the market.

As expected, Ludlum's coffee ice cream became popular on social media and can be enjoyed as part of the 21 Day Fix diet.

As Ludlum delivered in her blog site.

"I do not want to say this ice cream is healthy, but ... this is definitely a healthier ice cream choice."

Now ice cream coffee from her creation become a diet dish that is considered able to help people to lose weight in just three weeks.

Source: E Dwi Ratnasari - CNN Indonesia, Dailymail
Image: S Lee - Melbourne


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