Gordon Ramsay Eats His Most Hated Foods

For the sake of charity activities, namely pizza with a sprinkling of pineapple slices

Gordon Ramsay in MasterChef Junior - Image credit Gordon Ramsay Pages

World-class chéf Gordon Ramsay has been widely recognized by many and admits his expertise in mixing different types of food, and in some cases the famous chéf has his favorite kind of food.

But. On the other hand, he also has less favored food, as featured on the sites CNN Indonesia, July 14th, even with a heavy heart forced to eat it, the food he hates most, the pizza with a sprinkling of pineapple slices. Ramsay often argues that pizza and pineapple are not the right combination of foods.

Unexpectedly, Ramsay has a firm attitude in principle, especially about pizza and pineapple that do not fit it can be shaken for a charity request for Great Ormond Hospital, London, England.

Of course he already has intentions in his heart, as reported on The Daily Meal, the desire to eat pineapple pizza is an idea of himself.

You can see on the social media site Instagram, July 6th, then Ramsay just challenge his fans to collect 500 donations within 48 hours.

Good intentions of him with a picture of himself who wants to bake pineapple pizza homemade, but he looks not happy, Ramsay face against pizza pineapple.

"I have a proposal for you: if we can reach 500 donations within the next 48 hours, I will eat this awful pineapple pizza and show it on 'Facebook Live'. Do not forget your donation also gives me the opportunity to VVIP with #thefword.

Sincere activity in finding donations, even by opening the site omaze.com/pineapple, and Ramsay got what he wanted.

Further on July 12th, Ramsay visited facebook and found out, if his fans have collected donations like the challenge. And, in the end Ramsay also fulfill his promise and eat the pizza directly on Facebook.

"This is not pizza, it's a mistake."

You can immediately guess, if Ramsay looks so miserable, after two bites Ramsay was immediately washed his mouth with mouthwash, and very visible in his face expression.

Ramsay did make a unique way to overcome his suffering, he also made a new menu and upload it on Instagram. His pineapple creations are not presented as a topping pizza.

"This is how pineapple should be served."

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Meal
Image: Gordon Ramsay Pages


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