Halos, Ice Cream Donuts That Make Furore

Positive response from culinary lovers, especially from the social media

Halos, ice cream donuts - Image Credit B Sweet Dessert

Places to eat in Los Angeles get a privilege of times, you can take a walk on a great weekend, do not forget to bring a close friend to share. And, you immediately know when one of the interesting snacks is ice cream and donuts.

There is never a chance to enjoy donut and ice cream, as featured on the sites CNN Indonesia, July 11, a favorite snack on all occasions as well as useful to restore a person's positive mood.

Interesting if the sensation of sweet taste in the oral cavity, and the softness of each bite can refresh the mind and mood that is usually damaged by hot weather.

The menu trends in bread shaped since 2013, and no wonder if other cake shops to be creative, such as New York Chéf Dominique Ansel store also helped create a donut croissant that has been known before.

Now they find a new idea, this time ice cream and donut become the focus to be processed in such a way. You can imagine if the enjoyment of ice cream is present in a donut.

You deserve to try an interesting place to eat in Los Angeles called B Sweet Dessert Bar creates a mixed of a donut with the ice cream. Citing an article on The Independent, a new snack called Halos, donuts and ice cream together.

B Sweet Dessert is known for its flavorful bread pudding every week, as previously known, including carrots, chocolate bananas, salted caramel and red velvet.

As with the ice cream, the flavor blends into a donut blob, blueberry, chocolate, vanilla and other flavors into menu choices for customers. The donut is the usual form of bread that comes out of the oven, and you'll feel the ice cream from every bite of the donut.

They say, the soft feeling of fulfilling the whole oral cavity, savory, sweet and cold will blend in the mouth every time it bites the donut. You can provide an alternate choice of snacks exactly enjoyed during the summer.

No need to wait for time, ice cream donut soon became popular in the culinary world, when an instagram user who upload photos with curious information.

"It feels special and tastes great!" said a customer who also queued with other restaurant guests.

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: B Sweet Dessert Bar


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