The Original Color of the Statue of Liberty

Probably for tourists who have seen it live

Statue of Liberty – Image Credit L Priyanti

The New York city icon no longer needs to be hesitant, if someone asks you, you will never be blamed with a good answer. Immediately give an answer to this choice, Statue of Liberty!

It is recognized by many, citing the KompasTravel site, July 11, and is well-known to the rest of the world, its shape resembling a crowned woman, one hand raised a torch aloft, and a bluish-green color.

Looks elegant, isn’t it?

But you will arrive at a fact that you may not have suspected, somehow some researchers, maybe they are a bit busy, and indeed based on their research, recent research mentions that the original color of the Statue of Liberty is not as greenish as it is today.

I think we need to appreciate the results of their research, more or less describing a situation from the early days since this elegant statue stands where it is today.

They, the American Chemical Society made a video explaining the exact science behind the evolution of the Statue of Liberty, you can watch the video, described if this 93-meter-high statue holds 30 ton copper alias copper.

It is said that one Statue of Liberty can make about 435 million coins a penny if it is re-melted.

Well, the result of the copper content, the original color of the Statue of Liberty which is actually brownish red, meaning it is exactly the same color as a penny of dollars.

This is described in an interview from the American Chemical Society as reported by Lonely Planet.

"Putting Lady Liberty in the open air produces an oxidizing effect and in the first thirty years, change its appearance."

Statue of Liberty in the background – Image Credit L Priyanti

Try now you're standing in the Port of New York that leads to the sea, the location of this statue, so that the surrounding air, the combination of oxygen, rain, and sea water make the color of the Statue of Liberty turned into what it is today.

And the inevitable discourse of many parties, until now, present the desire to turn the Statue of Liberty into its original color, and is still being debated.

A long history of America, a historic statue of French giving to the United States in 1886. A long journey symbolizing some things, independence and freedom, until a welcome symbol for immigrants and Americans returning to their hometowns.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Lonely Planet
Image: L Priyanti - NY


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