Island of Capri, Cinque Terre and Venice Threatened 'Exploded' due to the Tourists Booming

Italy is considered by tourists as a safe European country to visit

Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre - Image Credit Stevi Lee

The terror attacks in Europe that occurred in the adjacent time series gave their own ratings for the tourist lovers, they made observations in many places, and Italy was considered a safe European country.

Indeed this is a good record for the country, citing the site CNN Indonesia, Thursday, July 6, because this country is always sterile from the threat of terror.

You can see for yourself from various media coverage, big cities like Milan, Rome to Pisa, tourist destinations in Italy also refer to the Island of Capri, Cinque Terre and Venice.

Destined islands by tourists, favorite holiday locations of travelers with luxury standards for tourists with thick pockets.

Not to be surprised to see the coverage of tourism on certain attractions, say on the island of Capri there is Blue Grotto, an underwater cave that emits blue when exposed to sunlight.

But. It seems that the comfort and beauty offered can be jeopardized, Capri Mayor Giovanni De Martino told The Telegraph on Thursday, July 6, that warning that the island's future could become extinct.

"There is a risk that Capri may explode, you can not put 1.5 liters of water in a one-liter bottle, we invite tourists to visit, but 2 million a year is too much."

Indeed, this is the focus of attention of many parties on the island of Capri, tourist visits as many as 15 thousand people every day, during the peak summer holiday season with cruises tour packages.

Despite a 10-minute pause policy between the arrival of each ferry to the Marina Grande port of Capri, the destination is for tourists to wait long to get to the center of Capri. But. Did not make a significant impact, especially during the rush of tourist arrivals.

For the record there are 80 percent of tourists come from Naples and Sorrento, two cities in Italy are smaller than Rome and Milan.

Giovanni De Martino also invited his fellow mayors in Cinque Terre and Venice who experienced similar things, tourist visits that are inversely proportional to the capacity of the city.

"The arrival of the ship is too concentrated and creates tension and disturbance for locals and tourists, we have asked the ferry companies to further expand their arrival so far they have done nothing about it or improved the situation.

Tourists want to be more relaxed in order to enjoy the beauty of the island, but often they spend too much to wait for taxis and buses.

The Mayor did appreciate the arrival of tourists, although his little heart always wanted to limit the visit.

"But we do not want people coming in like crazy amount."

Source: E Dwi Ratnasari - CNN Indonesia, The Telegraph
Image: Stevi Lee - Melbourne


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