Holiday in Bali Version of British Journalists

Many tourists stumble on issues, ranging from with locals to legal issues

Preparation for offerings - Image Credit N Tjindarbumi

Bali as a world tourist destination has become a common knowledge among world-class tourists, especially when they want to enjoy a beach party or a rural local atmosphere from the community with Hindu Dharma beliefs.

But. According to the experience that many travelers do not always culminate in, quoting CNN Indonesia website, today, because there are always problems arising when they are on holiday in Bali Island, problematic with local people to the law in local government.

An interesting journalistic report from Kara Godfrey, a British journalist written on the sites Express, Monday, July 10, about some suggestions worth considering, what should be avoided by foreign tourists if they do not want their holiday in Bali to end in drama.

The island of Bali is unique with its distinctive characteristics, Godfrey said about the strong tradition and culture of the Balinese people, making every tourist who holiday there must obey it.

Kecak Dance at Uluwatu Peninsula, Bali - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

"If not, then you will be deemed disrespectful of the local culture, or the most severe thrown into prison."

1. Patting the head of the local people

Actions like these are not recommended to anyone, even including to a small child while you are in Bali.

"You will be judged rudely, because the head is judged as a sacred part of the body."

2. Using the left hand

You are strongly advised to do a lot of activity with your right hand, like handing over money, food, or anything else. When you use the left hand it will be considered rude.

3. Pointing something

Holding one finger is also considered unlawful done while in Bali, as submitted by Godfrey to use all parts of the hand, when want to point something, or use the right hand thumb.

4. Narcotics

The police will arrest anyone, they are the users, dealers, or drug smugglers in their area. If caught red-handed, then tourists should be ready to bear the risk of going to jail until the death penalty.

5. The threat of terror

Perhaps you think it is only in Europe today, especially terror attacks in France, England or Belgium alone are experiencing terror attacks, so you immediately know if Bali was once the target of a major terror attack.

Years ago terror attacks in Bali killed many foreign nationals. Godfrey also warned of high levels of theft in the area.

The report compiled by Godfrey can indeed provoke another view, as David Wallis suggests, Godfrey's article is considered too exaggerated.

Wallis claimed to have lived in Indonesia for 26 years and never got into trouble, because many use left hand when interacting with local people.

Melasti ritual - Image Credit N Tjindarbumi

"Whoever wrote this article, seemed to be drunk and it should be thrown into the trash."

He added that the more strict custom rules can be felt by tourists when the holidays to Aceh, other part of province in Indonesian island while now the Balinese people are accustomed to receiving the arrival of foreign citizens.

Similar opinion from a reader who has eight holidays to Bali, flew to some other place nearby, and never faced problems as reported on that sites.

"The information about Bali is not true, I've been there eight times, and the people are very friendly, never hesitate to go to Bali and Indonesia."

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, Express
Image: N Tjindarbumi, M Paath Djojonegoro


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