The Most Ice Cream Consuming Countries

It turned out to be in a country with the largest population in Asia and the world

Ice cream shop - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Ice cream with a favorite flavor can certainly slightly relieve the heat and thirst, you must really want it at the right time, and will seduce, even make yourself able to feel the sensation of pleasure and fresh. Try to feel every stage of the bite or lick in the curve of ice cream, and your heart becomes excited.

The various flavors of ice cream, say ice cream chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry are the most common flavors of ice cream, even in these days there are a variety of new flavors that capture the attention of fans.

Indeed, ice cream is made as a dessert, which is preferred by almost all citizens of the world, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, today, being a common sight of all ages, and always keeping up with the new flavor variants.

You want to know where the country with the largest amount of ice cream consumed in the world, you think that Americans whose hobby is eating and dominated by obesity, it turns out to be wrong.

Correct. It was not there!

This time based on a good survey work, conducted by Mintel which was launched from the sites Thekitchn, it turns out there is another country with the highest level of ice cream consumption in a year.

According to data released later, taking data last year, for example Americans consume about 2.7 billion liters of ice cream in a year. You could say this is enough, but not as many countries consume 4.3 billion liters of ice cream per year.

Apparently there needs to be more evidence to show that large numbers of people are directly related to the number of people who consume the ice cream of about 1.37 billion peoples in Asia, while only 321 million Americans.

Gelato ice cream - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Then you immediately know, it's mainland China!

You know, too, that Americans are heavy food eaters, but in China with a fondness for desserts that prove to be very high and a dominant snack.

What about other countries? Norway consumes 9.8 liters per person, followed by Australia at 9.4 liters per person and Sweden 8.9 liters per person, all in an year average.

Now there is a new development with India, because there is a significant development trend in the fondness of ice cream, and should not be surprised if the increase in domestic production and imports of ice cream from India and China since 2013.

Air temperatures that tend to be scorching hot in some parts of Asian countries, you'll see more and more locals enjoying a variety of refreshments snacks, of course ice cream is one of them.

Source: F Thaeras - CNN Indonesia, Thekitchn
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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