Pizza-Kini, Pizza for the National Bikini Day

Culinary ahead of summer with a price of about $ 10 thousand

Pizza-Kini – Image Credit avantgeek @Instagram

The culinary trend of pizza is like getting a good response that can not be delayed by those culinary lovers, especially those who are engaged in specific foods such as pizza. And many people are competing to create new trends for the industry is never boring.

You can see the various menu displays of this typical Italian food, but it becomes so popular in America, you may even have heard that someone might want to make clothes from pizza.

Who would resist, like the reviews on the sites CNN Indonesia, today, when the baked bread type food is eye-catching because of a mixture of food that sometimes looks like a pattern on a cloth.

Other interesting reviews are on the Food Beast website, they make great papers about pizza, something new with regard to food prepared in summer, one can get a pizza bikini for $ 10,000.

Restaurant Villa Italian Kitchen, as reported by DesignTaxi, who then decided to work with renowned food stylist Jessie Bearden.

Now you know a new kind of food menu, the bikini from the pizza is then called Pizza-Kini.

Of course its presence becomes special, because it was deliberately done as a form of commemorate the celebration of National Bikini Day which falls on July 5 next. And this year the invention of the bikini entered its 71st year since it was discovered in 1946.

But you already know when talking about a bikini just about a pizza-colored cloth, and of course you're wrong, Pizza-Kini made of homemade dough like whole mozarella cheese, California tomato sauce and old pepperoni.

Jessie Bearden looks enthusiastic about the idea of a bikini menu like this, she makes it into two parts of the bikini that is the chest cover and the bottom, you can see a photo that is displayed with a model using Pizza-Kini, and the bikini does not look like real food.

Exotic indeed, Pizza-Kini looks to follow the curve of the model and does not look stiff when used.

But the requested customers need to prepare the right time to enjoy Pizza-Kini, Villa Italian Kitchen offers it to customers in limited quantities on July 5 only.

Source: Gloria Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia, Food Beast
Image: avantgeek @Instagram


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