Tinder Facilitates Users to Vacation in Hawaii

Two users are lucky to get a free holiday facility that allows them to meet each other

Tinder facilitates the two young people - Image Credit Tinder@twitter

Tinder application is popular for users who are looking for friends of one heart and soul, they say as a search application partner on the virtual world or social network that gives a different look than other social networks, such as facebook and twitter.

The users have been familiar with the apps that have been launched since 2012, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, today, in addition to being able to change the way someone to socialize, simply by shifting the column of other user profiles to the right or left, and maybe you meet a spouse.

You may not believe it, but the special experience of two users, Michelle Arendas, 21 and Josh Avsec, 22 who are said to be lucky, because soon both will be financed for a vacation as well as face to face for the first time with the facilities of Tinder.

Starting from the story of the two young people who met in this apps since September 2014, as retold by the Travel and Leisure on Thursday, July 13, the funny story of Arendas and Avsec begins when they both like each other's profile.

Avsec then took the initiative to send a message to Arendas, "Hi Michelle."

It seems finished there, because the message is unrequited, apparently not. Up to two months later Arendas sent a message to Avsec, "Hi, sorry my phone is dead!"

It was natural that Avsec was surprised, he thought it was very funny, and then replied to the message, "Wow, it's fast. Usually I just found a power outlet after five months."

Their humor continues, when Arendas responds with a funny message as well, "I just want to make sure my phone is fully loaded, not between 0 to 100 percent."

Avsec and Arendas chat - Image Credit Josh Avsec@twitter

They reply to each other's messages.

Avsec replied to Arendas by sending a message two months after that, "Hi, sorry I was taking a bath." Arendas did not get angry, instead she sent a reply message, two months later.

Incredible, because the action of mutual reply messages within two months is still done by Avsec and Arendas until this year.

Finally somehow, something creeps in his heart, at the beginning of this month Avsec wrote his experience on Tinder via Twitter, "Hahaha, one day I have to meet this girl."

Something began to blossom in their hearts, Arendas read and replied to the twits, "Sorry, I will reply but give me a few months."

Their story is gaining attention from the netizens, they laugh with the silliness of Avsec and Arendas. And Tinder took the initiative directly and contacted them to offer a free holiday as a form of bringing the two young men together.

Fleming Beach, Maui Island, Hawaii - Image Credit W Nowicki via Wikipedia

Avsec and Arendas then agreed to choose the Maui Islands in Hawaii as their first holiday and meeting.

In her interview on Buzzfeed, Arendas did not expect this to happen.

"I thought he was angry when I just replied to his message two months later. But it turns out he replied with a funny message."

Then Avsec added, "I also thought she was not interested in me. After Twitter, we have exchanged numbers. Right now we often have messages to talk about our silliness at Tinder."

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure, Buzzfeed
Image: Josh Avsec@twitter, Tinder


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