Vodka Satan That Makes Englishman Fainting

The world's most spicy food is combined with alcoholic beverages

Carolina Reapers - Image Credit Dale Thurber

Alcoholic beverages mixed with other ingredients can happen in a party situation, say so. But this time there is an extreme-looking situation, when the world's most spicy food is combined with alcohol, and you can imagine what can happen.

Probably not a lucrative day for him, an Englishman drinking a bottle of alcohol with his friends at The White Hart bar.

Quoting an article on the sites CNN Indonesia on July 28, the man from Surrey lost his consciousness and was rushed to the hospital after taking Satan's Shot vodka, a special drink injected with the world's hottest chili content, Carolina Reapers.

You can understand when a vodka-like beverage, a hot symptom will be experienced by the body while drinking a glass of vodka, and simultaneously produce another reaction that comes from the spicy flavor of the enormous Carolina Reapers chili.

As it is known that the scaling scale reaches a scale of 2 million -2.2 million compared to other chili with a scale in the position of 100 to 30 thousand.

That's how it happened when a friend, Emma Mirrington, 42yrs of Farncombe who bought a bottle of Satan's Shot vodka at the Chili Festival and Guildford Cheese on Sunday.

I do not know the truth, but there is a warning on the bottle.

"Only demons are brave enough to drink this vodka, if you feel fearless and want to drink with the devil, you will feel like you are burning in hell itself."

A glass of vodka, illustration - Image Credit Guinnog

For her, Emma Mirrington, when buying this drink to her is how to share it with other friends.

"There are about eight of us affected, and I've never seen anything like this."

Until now they have not received the latest information from the state of their friend who was in the hospital, but the early symptoms know one of them feel very uncomfortable, so they decided to immediately call an ambulance.

This case received attention from the police, as quoted from the sites Oddity Central, the seller of drinks responded casually, they have held all government licenses associated with alcoholic beverages.

"We know about things that are hot and know what happens when someone has something too hot for them. We are well aware of the chill reaction that is too hot and we do not want to hurt anyone."

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia, Oddity Central
Image: Dale Thurber and Guinnog via Wikipedia


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