Ten Reasons Why Fried Chicken Likes

Thursday, July 6 for US society is commemorated as National Fried Chicken Day

Tori no karaage, Japanese fried chicken - Image Credit clanchou in Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Fried chicken menu seems to occupy the hearts of most Americans, so have a day of its own in a year, and indeed fried chicken deserves an appreciation as one of the special menu and taste that will not disappoint anyone who ate it.

Fried chicken is favored, even by citizens of the world though, quotes the sites CNN Indonesia, July 6, and some even eat it almost every day.

You do not need to be surprised if the US people are commemorating it, who knows who and when to start but this warning is pretty much celebrated especially in Kentucky, where one of the fried chicken outlets like KFC comes from.

But they deserve appreciation, a plausible reason that fried chicken is so favored, as reported on the Metro site, which explores the reasons why many Americans love it.

1. The aroma

The combination of spices, salt and the warmth of fried chicken, even from a certain distance though. Incredible scent and publish hunger and desire to eat it.

2. The skin is the favorite part

The most considered crunchy part, most preferred among other parts, so there is a fried chicken outlet serving a special menu of fried chicken skin.

3. It tastes good

It was never disappointing, and became the reason someone chooses a fried chicken menu to eat morning, day or night.

4. Favorites of all moods

True this is a reliable menu guarantee. A person can spend a fried chicken bucket without losing his/her appetite.

5. Can be combined with anything

You can give a combination menu with a burger, fries, or beans, even with a salad.

6. Anytime can be enjoyed

The menu does not depend on time, breakfast, lunch and even dinner, just as bread can be eaten anytime you like.

7. Available everywhere

Chicken fried menu is often the first choice. You can check in every restaurant, must have a menu of fried chicken.

8. There is a favorite menu

This is never doubted by anyone, there's always a favorite menu of the preferred fried chicken. Have you ever enjoyed the crispy fried chicken menu or original.

9. Can not be compared with others

You will not compare it with other culinary types, like chocolate, cheese or coffee that can change the mood or something else.

The taste and appetite of a fried chicken will be different to everyone, and even the suggestion of avoiding it will not be obeyed.

10. Enjoy yourself

Everyone enjoys their fried chicken slices, and does not want to share. What a wonderful moment, even someone willing to 'quarrel' if anyone wants to grab a fried chicken from their hand.

What an amazing culinary experience, isn’t it?

Source: Rahman Indra - CNN Indonesia, Metro
Image: clanchou in Kanazawa, Ishikawa via Wikipedia


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