World’s Most Expensive Cities to Date

You need to prepare an adequate budget, even reaching USD 135

Times Square, New York - Image Credit L Priyanti

Dating with lovers is a special moment for couples who love each other, let's say you're preparing for dinner, or maybe take the time to pick and give the right flowers to women.

You can say that love is not always about money, so quoted on a site, KompasTravel, July 3, despite the fact that you will face, in the end you need some money.

When you choose a time to go on a date, when you have to bother approaching someone, buy tickets to watch at the movies, dinner, and transportation needs.

A survey conducted by the dating site, Elite Singles, where they have released big cities in the world are expensive to date, of course through a series of references for credible results.

Calculations have been determined from the expense of watching movies, eating, a bottle of wine, and going home in a taxi for a distance of eight kilometers.

Their results were later released on the sites Lonely Planet, which provided an interesting list of expensive cities for a date with lovers.

You may be able to consider these expensive cities, though ultimately the decision to travel there is based on a joint decision with your beloved. Of course.

1. Oslo, Norway - USD 135
2. Tokyo, Japan - USD 127
3. New York, US - USD 120
4. Stockholm, Sweden - USD 117
5. Amsterdam, Netherlands - USD 115

6. London, United Kingdom - USD 112
7. Hong Kong - USD 108
8. Auckland, New Zealand - USD 105
9. Paris, France - USD 101
10. Sydney, Australia - USD 97

11. Toronto, Canada - USD 88
12. Singapore - USD 83
13. Shanghai, China - USD 83
14. Berlin, Germany - USD 75
15. Barcelona, Spain - USD 75

16. Seoul, South Korea - USD 75
17. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - USD 71
18. Moscow, Russia - USD 69
19. Taipei, Taiwan - USD 69
20. Nairobi, Kenya - USD 67

21. Mumbai, India - USD 55
22. Istanbul, Turkey - USD 54
23. Mexico City, Mexico - USD 52
24. Cape Town, South Africa - USD 46
25. Bogotá, Columbia - USD 44

The list is interesting considering all the cities above also become the cities preferred by the tourists, so a tour with your lover is worth doing there.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Lonely Planet, Elite Singles
Image: L Priyanti


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