The Secret of Making a Delicious Tea Cup

A tea-making expert, Stuart Farrimond gave us some delicious tea recipes

A cup of tea and cakes - Image Credit P Djayasupena

Tea for health is not something that is considered unusual, because many people believe, this type of drink is often the choice of the community for breakfast. And it could be someone else will choose coffee in the morning opportunity.

You might even like other types of drinks, but the choice of tea can be one of the health-based drinks. There may be questions, which of the two types of drinks, such as coffee and tea are considered more healthful.

In addition to health considerations, people also enjoy tea for many occasions, quoting the sites CNN Indonesia, July 20, for example during lunch, until drinks are enjoyed while relaxing.

At a moment like this, consideration will turn to the matter of taste, how about the way the presentation of a cup of tea is right? Do all the connoisseurs of tea have done the right thing in the presentation?

Well, there is a tea-maker, Stuart Farrimond, in an article on sites The Independent, saying that now many people have been wrong in serving tea at breakfast.

As a description of him in the latest series show "Inside the Factory" which was broadcast on the BBC, he showed the secret of presenting the right tea to television presenter Cherry Healey.

Step by step is done by a person who enjoys tea in the right way.

The first stage, tea should be brewed for five minutes. This is so that tea can achieve full potential taste.

The goal to be achieved is not just to release the caffeine content, Farrimond considers this stage necessary to benefit from positive health because it can release antioxidant content.

The next stage, one is not advised to drink tea from styrofoam-based cups, since they can absorb the taste and reduce the original taste of the tea.

As for someone living in an area with unclean water, Farrimond advises, to use a water filter. It is intended to reduce the residual calcium and magnesium in water that usually appears on the surface of a glass of tea.

"What happens is some compound flavors react with calcium and they form a scummy layer, so you really lose the taste."

Farrimond still provides additional explanation, the color of the cup also affects the taste of tea to be drunk by a person. You're curious, aren’t you?

A cup with red or pink color can highlight the sweetness of a cup of tea, while the cup is white or blue just cause the salty taste of the tea.

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: P Djayasupena


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