Favorite Photo Locations in the Dating App

Munich in Germany and several other favorite cities are the choice of photo locations

Open resto in summer, Munich - Image Credit P Widi Hatmi

Falling in love is indeed millions of flavors in the chest of every couple, giving many possibilities and can do things that do not even make sense to others who see them in love.

Each couple will show each other their way, they will fight for love, as featured on the site CNN Indonesia, July 26, and follow the latest trends that then developed, one of them by using dating applications in cyberspace.

Of course this is always associated with the photos, displaying pictures of yourself when traveling turned out to be a powerful way.

Apparently something like this has become one of their favorite options, and has been proven by surveys conducted by dating company, Hinge.

Further reviews can be seen on the sites Travel and Leisure, in the results of the survey mentioned that 30 percent of users who display photos travel get a lot of acquaintances.

You'll soon find out if they like a particular tourist location, let's say most male users like photos of female users traveling to Maui, Hawaii or Santorini, Greece.

Santorini - Image Credit E Widi

Meanwhile for those of the women, female users like photos of male users who are traveling to Portland, USA or Munich, Germany.

Well, you're still curious isn’t it? It turns out uniquely, a photo of the tour in Munich gets the most “like” sign, ie 210 percent.

Indeed there are always sought from certain cities in the world, characteristic of the cities in the world mentioned above, such as city icons and also something that is considered specific by them, especially couples who are in love.

You can try to visit Munich, men of course, there is no harm to take a self-portrait for display on dating applications.

Another survey of a Match Group dating app, pointing to another fact that men or women who like to travel is considered attractive is justified.

Surveys say that 62 percent of male users and 74 percent of female users want a prospective partner is a person who likes to go on traveling.

They give good advice, if you want to get a prospective partner who likes to travel, immediately planned vacation this year. They mentioned in the survey that 57 percent of singles travel each year.

Interesting. Let's travel!

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: P Widi Hatmi, E Widi


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