Milan Denies Selfie Sticks and Alcoholic Beverages

The new rules of the city government in order to bring order for the citizens and tourists

One corner of the shopping center, Milan - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Visits of tourists to Italy including the city of Milan has increased in recent months, especially certain areas of favorite tourists. In this case Italy is considered one of the safe country for tourists from the disruption of terrorist attacks.

You've heard of the hardships of the citizens of Italian tourist towns, say the Islands of Capri, Venezia, Cinque Terre or other tourist destinations, a spike in tourists who are making life a nuisance to the locals.

Thus the impact for the city of Milan, citing the site CNN Indonesia, July 18, the city government wants to address the problem of garbage and disorderliness in the city, last week the local government issued a new rule.

Indeed rules are issued solely to facilitate all parties, quoting from The Local, the new rules are related activities that should not be done while in the Darsena dock area.

No need to be surprised if then there are impacts that are present there, the presence of tourists who inconvenience the citizens, among others, littering, buying and selling of street vendors, the use of selfie sticks and bottled of alcohol sales.

Regardless of the objections of business owners who sell alcoholic beverages, but the city government has set rules for all parties who are in that famous fashion city.

"Residents and tourists are prohibited from holding or carrying selfie sticks and bottled of alcohols from July 14, 2017 to unspecified time."

It was agreed by Carmela Rozza, who is a member of the Milan City Security Council, adding later that the rule was made to deal with garbage and order disturbances in the popular tourist destination.

Maybe you ask a bit, what is the relationship of use of selfie sticks with littering activities, and I have not found a related answer.

Although then Carmela Rozza added, "People can still drink alcohol in this area using plastic cups."

But something definite when entering the moment of summer vacation, in addition to Milan, other cities in Italy also began to set the same rules.

You may have heard of the city of Rome, for the sake of comfort, beauty and order, since last June there were rules on fines and a ban on eating around the fountain and a ban on drinking alcohol in public places from midnight until 7 am.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, The Local
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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