Spaghetto and Spaghetti are Similar

But it makes a fuss for culinary and netizens

Spaghetti bolognese - Image Credit hozinja

Original Italian pasta with an elongated form of strands of yarn has become one of the favorite menus in the culinary world, especially for any Italian food enthusiast. Of course including you can mention about pizza and other typical food.

You'll love it after trying it, a mixture of tomato sauce and maybe you can mix another meat sauce that adds a special and unique flavor.

Well, you can try it when you enter this weekend, go to the shopping center and there is a typical Italian restaurant, served pizza and spaghetti of course, you eat it with gusto, strands and strands, and chat casually with a friend.

Now you get the latest facts, even it said, quoting the sites CNN Indonesia, today, everyone may know that, it turns out the name of spaghetti is a plural of the 'yarn paste'.

So it comes to the fact that this yarn paste can not be called spaghetti, this is what makes the cyber world, netizens busy talking about the fact that spaghetti is a plural.

Then they know that the singular form of spaghetti is spaghetto, and thus, spaghetti is a collection of spaghetto.

You could say that knowing the singular form of spaghetti does not really matter, because it's also unlikely that you just bought a single piece of pasta.

But the uproar has become viral, the fact remains that netizens are surprised.

This became a review on The Daily Meal, a single form of spaghetti originally distributed via twitter account @caroramsey, and this upload became viral and shocked many people.

Even netizens' interest is evident with re-uploads of more than 18.2 thousand times and is favored by more than 430 thousand times.

This is evidence that can occur in the culinary world, seen from the response netizens, they still can not believe the reality of spaghetto and spaghetti.

It's good you need to know more about the culinary world in its scattered terms, take the example of various titles in the pasta world, for example maccheroni is the plural of maccherone, fettuccine is the plural of fettuccina.

Maybe you could just say this is too much, but there is account @charlesaznable expressing its shock.

"My whole world has suddenly collapsed."

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Meal
Image: hozinja via Wikipedia


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