Swineapple, Newest Pineapple Creation

The creations of the culinary creators who became viral and became the new prima donna

Swineapple - Image Credit mberryhill7@IG

Pizza with pineapple toppings has been a furor and creates controversy, but this time you'll find a new culinary type that will cater to many culinary lovers, even believing that swineapple will become a culinary object to be hunted.

You may have heard that pineapple toppings could reap the controversy because the Iceland President had said he did not like pizza with pineapple toppings.

Despite this ridiculous sound, it turns out he gets support, including from the owner of “Ambrogio15” pizza shop, Giacomo Pizzigoni in San Diego.

As Pizzigoni put it in the Huffington Post.

"I think the chef is supposed to be creative, but I think pineapple is a terrible toppings for pizza, pineapple is very sweet and what's worse is that it comes with ketchup. This sauce can not be combined with ingredients with a sweet taste."

Well, maybe try the latest swineapple creations, pineapple based, tropical fruit with a refreshing sweet sour taste. As written on the site CNN Indonesia, July 14, this fruit is often mixed in the food as a flavor enhancer and eaten just like a snack.

But. Not just stop there, pineapple can steal the public's attention because of a new cooking process called Swineapple.

When you talk about pineapple, then try to Thailand, pineapple is indeed one of the main fruit in the culinary world, because in Thailand using pineapple to create a sweet taste of sour on the dish.

Let's look back at the swineapple, of course you need to peel it first, take the center then fill it with meat (usually pork), and lastly, wrap it with sliced meat and then roast it.

Now you can feel the incredible sensation, a mixture of sweet and savory taste can really 'shake' the tongue. This is a unique recipe, as featured on the sites Huffington Post, this unique recipe was first published by Josh Bush from LaPorte, Texas via his Facebook account.

Needless to say, this recipe inspired many people including food blogger, Gusface Grillah. As said by Grillah, the roasting process takes up to an hour.

It took quite time, but the results did not disappoint.

You can try according to recipes from Grillah and Josh Bush, and this summer Swineapple recipes have been widely distributed on social media, especially at Pinterest. And, you know in the United States, about 68 percent of Pinterest users are women aged 24-58 years.

Source: E Dwi Ratnasari - CNN Indonesia, Huffington Post
Image: mberryhill7@Instagram


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