28 Low-Cost Airlines in the World

One of the favorite transportation opportunities for backpackers while traveling

AirAsia Australia - Image credit V Arifin

The presence of the Low Cost Airline (LCC) can be one way out for anyone who likes traveling to different places in the world, they include the backpackers, tourists are mostly young and productive and have a lot of curiosity.

Low-cost airlines are easy to find in many countries, as reviewed in KompasTravel sites, today, ranging from Asia continent, then LCC also reach to many other continents, such as America and Europe.

They, the managers of low-cost airlines, reported by the site Travel and Leisure, LCC has several strategies to reduce the cost of air tickets. Thus, you often see the price of such 'skewed' to half the price of full-service airlines.

One of the strategies of Norwegian Air (Norway) and WOW Air (Iceland) is to operate a fleet of smaller aircraft, making it more fuel efficient.

You know when the airline limit the amount of heavy luggage, impose additional tariffs for food and drinks, as well as additional fare for a seat with leg room is more spacious.

It can currently be found among other 28 LCC are scattered in various parts of the world as summarized on the site Travel and Leisure.

North America

1. JetBlue
2. Southwest Airlines
3. Frontier Airlines
4. WestJet
5. Spirit Airlines

6. VivaAerobus
7. Volaris


8. EasyJet
9. Norwegian Air
10. Ryanair

11. Vueling
12. WOW Air


14. Cebu Pacific Air
15. AirAsia

16. IndiGo
17. Tigerair
18. VietJet
19. SpiceJet
20. Peach

21. Scoot Airlines

South America

22. GOL Airlines
23. Azul Airlines


24. FastJet
25. Mango

Middle East

26. Air Arabia
27. Flydubai


28. Jetstar

After seeing a list of airlines around the world, it will be easier for those who love a trip to anywhere.

Budget airlines which has always been a favorite of most tourists who often travel in groups of many, as along with close friends and families, including those backpackers.

And in the right moment with a visit to a country of destination, of course.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Travel and Leisure
Image: V Arifin


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