Foods Maybe Extinct When You (Are Still) Alive - 2

Weather patterns often change, the lifestyle of mankind, pollution industrial materials takes place everywhere

Choco 21 cheese, illustration - Image credit Curds and Whey, Melbourne

Environmental pollution control, disposal of certain chemical compounds, the increasing use of hazardous materials which then result in problems that are broad, global warming, acid rain and depletion of the ozone layer.

The impact is a disruption in the cropping pattern for some source of food for mankind, excerpts from articles on the site detikFood, today, become less favorable situation in the span of 50-100 years into the future for humans on earth.

6. Honey

The population has declined more than 40 percent due to the uncertain climate affected, honey production of decline. The decline in population in the last 10 years due to the Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

Humans can see the extinction of the worker bees, due to a virus or bacteria, and in a broader sense to reduce one of the best natural sweetener.

7. Chocolate

When that can not be anticipated, the possibility of sweets disappeared. Natural factors such as drought, and rising global temperatures make chocolate crop production decreases.

Be prepared, maybe chocolate will be lost in 2050, especially the tendency of more and more people eat "dark chocolate" (touted as the best chocolate), which require more cocoa to be produced.

8. Pasta

Drought and rising temperatures a negative effect on durum wheat. One type of wheat pasta maker in Italy which was under threat of extinction, affected by rising global temperatures.

As predicted, that the yield will begin to decline in 2020, and most likely disappear completely within less than 100 years.

9. Wine

The beauty of the wineries were then grapes are picked, then made as a wine beverages. You can watch the grapes are in the best condition when picked after rains.

MontGras Wine - Image credit G Alexei

But it was a glorious period to expire, when drought continued as if not stop, the effects seen in some types of wine, die before they can be harvested.

10. Citrus/Oranges

Certain diseases attacking citrus families plants everywhere, Citrus Greening Disease, and there is no remedy when a tree has been infected.

An insect called the Asian citrus psyllid that carries the virus, spread to many continents ranging from Taiwan to reach South Africa.

You could say this is not possible. Back to humankind in placing positions on various types of food sources, to anticipate and take action to save the environment.

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Source: A Trimirasti - detikFood, Business Insider
Image: Curds and Whey Pages - Melbourne, G Alexei


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