United Make Furor Because Drag Their Passengers

Netizen become crowded around video towage forced a passenger from the aircraft cabin

United B777-222ER in SFO - Image Credit Bostonalejandro

United Airlines viral since the release of a video that makes the ire of netizens, even greeting an apology from the head of the airline has been ignored by them. The video is of course the condemnation of many, since then made headlines in the mainstream media world.

I want to upload the videos and photos of passengers, but I thought let readers can obtain it from other sources, simply I feel sad and of course there is a sense of disappointment.

Passengers who have already paid and sat in the best seat forcibly evicted from the aircraft, citing KompasTravel site, April 11, because of the excess of passengers and airlines flight route 3411 from Chicag- to Louisville must make room for the four staff of United Airlines.

News of this also became so viral on the internet, even at various other sites, articles about this event you can find it easily from many sources.

Many friends who want to know about the airline, the US domestic airline based in Chicago, Illinois. They are included in a large network of Star Alliance, a network with several renowned airlines such as Air New Zealand, Asiana Airlines, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and Turkish Airlines.

Obviously now they are not a new airline, as written on the site detikTravel, today, April 1926 Varney Air Lines in America began to operate to serve airmail which is the forerunner of the airlines, and around 1930 was born the United Airlines.

The United evolved after World War II, and in 1954 became the first airline to have a flight simulator with visual, sound and motion for pilot training.

They grew bigger after joining with Capital Airlines in 1961, and even in 1995 became the first airline to use Boeing 777.

Hijacking in 2001 make it difficult for them, two of the four planes hijacked on September 11, are the property of United Airlines, and in line with rising oil prices, the airline began to go bankrupt.

They work hard to bounce back in 2005, and is now referred to as the "World's Most Comprehensive Route Network" which serve a total of 339 destinations, with 212 domestic destinations and 127 international destinations in 54 countries.

You know if they are capable of carrying passengers that reached 143 million in 2016, with a variety of interesting programs for passengers, such as Frequent Flyer Program.

The Airlines has always been controversial, many good stories and parallel to it is the opposite.

You've read articles prohibition leggings pants of female passenger on a plane, and most recently the news furor that has been delivered at the beginning of this article.

Source: K Yustiana - detikTravel, S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel
Image: Bostonalejandro via Wikipedia


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