The Passengers Who Dragged Down At United

Incident that hauled passenger on United Airlines makes the Chinese people upset

David Dao on Instagram - Image Credit DavidDao@Instagram

The passenger dragged incident of Asian descent on a United Airlines flight airline 3411 sparked the ire of Chinese peoples, especially after the release of a video recorded by one of the passengers.

A passenger record the incident on the plane, Audra Bridges, citing portal site, April 11, she was disappointed with the incident, the video spread across social media websites and photos to millions of passengers who bleed also spreads quickly.

Flights days on Sunday, April 9th, less pleasant for the passengers who want to return to Lousiville, a medical doctor of Asian descent, departing from the Chicago airport, and boarded the already overloaded plane with passengers.

Incidents has invited 'the rage,' crowded in cyberspace, especially from China, thousands of users of Sina Weibo (popular social media in China). Even became a trending topics in Sina Weibo, to be read by more than 95.5 million times.

It can be viewed on a user status updates on social media, with Madanamada account.

"I understand the reason for the airline to sell seats to excess. So they can take people's money with ease and bully someone who wants to be somewhere, even if it's not his fault."

Despite angry reactions on the crowded social media sites, it was later revealed who the passengers of Asian descent with a bloodied face that went viral around the world.

The dragged incident - Image Credit Audra Bridges

David Dao, 69-year-old that's the truth, according to the article by detikCom, April 11, and was originally reported that he is of Chinese descent.

No, he was an immigrant from Vietnam, with five children and he is an organs specialist. His wife Teresa, also a pediatrician and both aged 69 years. He opened a practice near the city of Louisville.

News quote further from the Courier Journal site, eldest son named Tim practice in Texas, the second son Ben is studying medicine, Christine third child practice in North Carolina and the youngest child also study medicine.

He suffered an unlucky day, anger and disappointment, when dragged from the aircraft cabin, and be the viral discussion in cyberspace and has been viewed millions of times on Facebook.

Well, all is going on, a formal apology from the airline and CEO of United Airlines and a compensation offer.

Lawsuits may occur, according whim of netizens in cyberspace. But in the end time also heals all this hoopla.

Source: F Yurio Kristo - detikInet, Courier Journal,, BBC
Image: David Dao @instagram, Audra Bridges


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