United Airlines Change Their Flying Policy

According to them the problem is not too big, just for moving seats

United B777-222ER in SFO - Image Credit Bostonalejandro

Policies of United Airlines was done in order to respond to the recent events, such as the case of the expulsion of a doctor from the aircraft cabin, even the latest news is a couple bride. Rather unpleasant incident occurred in the adjacent, of course, makes the broad public to pay more attention to the events happening in the airline.

Even became the subject of conversation, especially on social media, when a bride and groom are heading to Costa Rika has been "kicked" off the plane. Although this case solely because it moved their chairs.

As for the case of 'kicked' a doctor, David Dao of aircraft cabins eventually led to long, as they finally relented, United Airlines decided to change the policy of its flight for the cabin crew.

The airlines, according to the site of The Guardian, has decided changing the rules for cabin crew were not on duty but want to go using the aircraft. As reported, United Airlines will ensure that crew members are not on duty had to sign up to one hour before departure to get a seat on the plane.

As known earlier, cabin crew can enroll in flight until arriving flight hours, of which this policy is implemented as part of efforts to improve customer service records of United Airlines.

Overwhelming response from the public is to make the airline needs to respond with appropriate policy, the company is designing the policy changes to win back the trust of customers.

The case involving David Dao on the incident last week, a reference to the policy of the airline, when Dao had to suffer a broken nose and lost two front teeth after forcibly evicted from the flight.

Dao problem now has become a legal case, as submitted by attorney Thomas Demetrio revealed that his client would do the demands on United Airlines, because besides getting no treatment and injuries, Dao also lost baggage.

Proactive stance undertaken by the airline, they will apologize to Dao and his family.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti – CNN Indonesian, The Guardian
Image: Bostonalejandro via Wikipedia


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