Enjoy Transparent Coffee No Color

The world's first coffee is the latest variant for those fans

Illustration - Image Credit Café Commercial

The types of favored coffee by coffee lovers have a lot of variety, say they, the creators of a new type of coffee variants. You may have heard of tonic espresso, coffee meringue, butter coffee, and there is something new kind out there.

You would not have guessed the new types of these findings, because it is believed will change the perception of people in coffee.

Who will enjoy clear water, transparent, and like mineral water, it happened without giving a black stain of coffee on your teeth, as described on their website.

Hot coffee that looks similar to the water, citing the site CNN Indonesia, April 16, coffee creations from two brothers of Slovakia, David and Adam Nagy is made of the highest quality of Arabica beans.

Maybe one day you'll find it in a famous coffee shop, they introduced the brand as CLR CFF, so coffee can be a first colorless transparent coffee in the world.

Their reason are of course so that coffee lovers do not worry with black stains on the teeth, ready to gulp drinks that can provide the same boost with coffee but do not affect the whiteness of teeth.

"The coffee drinks are made from high quality Arabica coffee beans are processed by a method that never used before."

Clear Coffee - Image Credit CLR CFF @clrcff - Twitter

Certainly their work is not obtained easily, they have conducted a series of tests, at least three months probation until finally created the perfect formula for this transparent coffee. The coffee tasted fresh, you will feel the aroma of coffee beans, coffee aroma even sharp and without any preservatives, sweeteners and other mixtures.

They are more confident with this creation, sips coffee beverage prepared is not necessary to mix the milk or sugar and high caffeine in every bottle. Admiration for their hard work, because the effect of caffeine in one bottle of coffee, enough to give energy a full day.

If you're curious to try, they simply sold on a limited basis through the company's website only, Selfridges and Whole Foods, because they want to keep their coffee sales price does not soar too high.

Black coffee? No, it's new tranparant coffee!

Source: Syanne Susita - CNN Indonesia, Selfridges and Whole Foods
Image: Café Commercial


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