Children Prohibited Eating at Restaurants

Fancy Italian restaurant in Mooresville, North Carolina made the controversial decision

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Eating place or resto for children or kids sounded nice for the parents who have children, especially in this moment of the weekend. Eating in a restaurant with the whole family would be a good moment to look after and get to know each other.

But. Do not try it at an Italian restaurant in Mooresville, as the quote from the site CNN Indonesia, April 10, they prohibit children under the age of five to eat there.

You know when it immediately became a viral news in social media, and protests from everywhere, but things are different in view of the owner, because he says his restaurant is moving forward.

They, the Caruso Restaurant claiming itself as a traditional restaurant, a classic and intimate, quoting reviews on Oddity Central, previously at the restaurant just a lot of small children were crying, screaming, or playing a tablet with a loud voice.

Certainly many of the reactions of other adult guests who might want to eat with a relaxed feeling.

Pasquale Caruso, the owner immediately respond, he made the decision since January 2017, merely a desire to protect the reputation of the restaurant, stated in an interview to Mooresville Gazette.

"I'm getting complaints from several consumers, they got up and left because they interfere with children, while the parents are not doing anything."

He was worried when the restaurant turns into as befits the other Italian restaurants, especially other local pizza restaurant.

Despite this decision makes it less convenient, but it must be done, whatever is best for his business.

"I'm trying to satisfy a lot of people, and create a good atmosphere, keeping the restaurant remains elegant. I want to be in a place where couples and friends can gather together in the evening."

These risks during encountered when allowing young children entered, throwing food, running around and screaming, as is the impact of losing a lot of money and customers.

When the policy of the restaurant came into force, people began to voice their opinions through an unofficial Facebook page of the restaurant. One of the responses that are conveyed, they, the customers say that this is a form of discrimination.

Even more extreme form is much insults and negative comments from customers.

For example, an account with anger in their comments, "Now you do not allow small children, who's next? Blacks, Jews, the local people? Outrageous!"

Although also present the support of other customers.

"When my husband and I go out to dinner, I also do not want to hear another child crying or being disrespectful."

And now Pasquale Caruso, has increased its online reservation, from 50 to 80 people.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Oddity Central
Image: Jamie's Italian


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