World's Cosiest Cities for Pedestrians - 2

Cities pedestrians as the choice for the residents and the tourists who are visiting

The city of Paris - Image credit R Rumambi

Walking for health is an option that is not doubted by anyone, let alone for the tourists who are in a tourist destination. Anyone not refuse a big advantage when you're walking, among others, can recognize a city in a better way.

You have many choices when in a city visited, citing the reviews on the site CNN Indonesia, April 6, and the desire to try public transportation. But, what if the city turned out to have a suggestion for an ideal walk, comfortable and has a shady trees on the roadside?

Interesting description of a city that is useful for everyone, and The Culture Trip released a list of the attractive cities to pedestrians. (The order not indicate rank)

6. Paris, France

Romantic cities, so favored by tourists, they also said that as the City of Fashion with a wide appeal, especially for those who venture out on foot.

Many car-free area, as a pedestrian could comfortably step without besieged fumes or to avoid the brunt of the motor vehicle.

Crossed the Seine River neighborhood, Park Jardin des Tuileries, the Louvre Museum, Ile de la Cité, Notre Dame or Sacré-Cœur.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris - Image credit R Rumambi

Do not miss out on the Eiffel Tower, can also stop by the Latin Quarter or Montmartre neighborhood, you can relax while looking for local cuisine.

7. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Comfortable city for walkers, known as the 'Paris of South America' with many old European-style buildings.

You can walk in the neighborhood of La Boca, the area for those fans of the works of art, you will cross the Caminito and Gallery Fundación Proa.

Then across Recoleta, plush area surrounded by many boutiques and cafés. Some attractions, such as the tomb of Eva Perón in the Cementerio de la Recoleta and installation art works of Eduardo Catalano.

8. Marrakech, Morocco

Special city as UNESCO version of the historic district, and is recommended to be enjoyed while traveling on foot.

Historic old buildings and graceful, the Koutoubia Mosque, the ruins of El Badi Palace, Jemaa El-Fnaa Square and the Tower Gardens can be an attraction, when you had the opportunity to see it for yourself while walking.

The beauty of the labyrinth-shaped street atmosphere, feel the thrill of adventure in this city, and the building is decorated with colorful paint.

9. Melbourne, Australia

The town is worth mentioning as a lifestyle city, the second largest with old buildings side by side with a European-style new building in minimalist style.

Citizens of Melbourne - Image credit V Arifin

You can walk on the afternoon towards evening in the city center, then to the area around the Yarra River, Alexandra Gardens, Royal Botanic Gardens and St. Kilda.

City of indulgence for pedestrians, then you can drop in to one of the cafés or bars there.

10. Boston, United States

Remember the Boston area that stores historical stories, such as Christopher Columbus Park, Institute of Contemporary Art, Freedom Trail, King's Chapel, to the Bunker Hill Monument.

The tourists can walk in a comfortable atmosphere, the air around the tasted fresh across the Harbor Walk, along the 64.3-kilometer area edged by the sea waters of Boston.

Do not miss to take a few moments of interesting photos of Beacon Hill neighborhood, a most photogenic area in Boston.

As noted earlier, traveled in a city becomes more special, when you have the chance of walking there. A good opportunity to recognize the dynamics in detail every part of the city.

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Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, The Culture Trip
Image: R Rumambi, V Arifin


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