Flight Delay, Crew Cabins Give Free Pizza

Frequent bad weather lately, Delta Air Lines had an unique idea for passengers

A Delta Airlines Boeing 757-232 - Image credit Makaristos

Free pizza in the air flying sounds quite interesting, new sounds and indeed something that deserves to be known. How it can happen as part of the services to air passengers, and they will appreciate.

I thought you liked an air travel, apart for one reason or another, the speed and convenience considerations, of course. But to be disappointed when the flight is delayed.

Well, if the airline can feel the frustration of passengers by providing free pizza, it would be amazing, isn't it?

As happened in recent weeks, citing detikFood site, April 8, bad weather cause. Many flights delayed or even hundreds of flight schedule also had to be canceled, in which case the airline in Atlanta, Delta Air Lines has an unique idea.

This time from a low their departure terminal from the Norfolk International Airport, the disappointed faces of the passengers soon disappear in an instant, they distributed free pizza complete with drink.

Passengers upload photos of the crew cabin to captain helped distribute pizza to the passengers trapped for hours in the plane due to bad weather, citing Bravo TV, April 7, serving entertaining, not just pizza, sandwiches and biscuits were also distributed.

Of course as a result of a series of photographs scattered, some passengers were touched by the goodwill of Delta Air Lines, the airline is flooded with compliments. They even deliver pizza on passengers trapped on the tarmac, passengers in the waiting room also get a free pizza.

Pizza on the cabins - Image credit Bravo TV

I think this decision is worthy of appreciation, because under the rules of the US airline, delayed by bad weather schedule is defined as 'acts of God' or out of control, so the airline is not responsible for providing food and drinks for passengers.

While a flights observer, Seth Kaplan can understand these things can happen, "Received publicity value far exceeds the cost of buying a pizza, but I do not think they will make it a policy."

Despite this decision made by the manager of the base of the airport, but Ashton Morrow, spokesman for the airline was pleased to be the reaction of passengers who praised Delta in social media.

Source: Annisa Trimirasti - detikFood, Bravo TV
Image: Makaristos via Wikipedia, Bravo TV


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